Can Solid Cosmetics be carried on an aeroplane?

Research starts with the need for effective solutions, hence the proposal by Albogroup. Designed for the hotel but also comfortable on the plane, solid amenities offer the ideal alternative.

Solid cosmetics on the move

Besides offering breathtaking views, the plane is a real necessity when time is short and distances are important. If the hold luggage is a bit of a cosmetics passepartout when travelling by plane, it does not prove to be as practical on short trips.

Reducing volume to optimise bag size is the golden rule when opting for the hand luggage solution. There is, however, the question mark over essential cosmetics to take on a trip. Lipstick, face creams, mascara but also shampoo and depilatory cream often risk being left behind.

Solids solve the problem of small journeys in the name of convenience, as anhydrous cosmetics overcome the constraints on the volume of liquids to be carried in the cabin. Concentrated, natural but above all with a low water content, solids are one of the preferred solutions for travellers.

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Aircraft Solid Cosmetics Regulation

Baggage weight restrictions are the only rule to be observed when transporting solid cosmetics items by air. Solid cosmetics prove particularly friendly to small dimensions. Just try the classic solid bar to realise this.

The Solid Revolution proposes a definitive solution to the classic limitations for liquids in the cabin. Liquids can travel in hand luggage, as long as they are in 100 mL containers and the total quantity does not exceed 10 pieces. Everything must be placed in the classic 20×20 centimetre sealed bag.

Generally, the problem does not arise when the quantities are the standard ones in the packaging of mascara or liquid lipstick. Things change for fluid creams and soaps; it takes a moment to exceed the permitted quantities. Solids play by the rules.

What solid cosmetics are allowed in hand luggage?

All, that is the advantage in choosing solid even when travelling. Airline baggage regulations do not place any restrictions on the type of cosmetic products. Whether shower gel, shampoo, conditioner or even depilatory cream, the limitation simply does not apply. The suitcase ceases to be a problem, solid cosmetics are regulation-proof.

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Why choose solid cosmetics for air travel?

When practicality calls, the solid is always ready. This is the first reason that convinces travellers at all latitudes; solid cosmetics conquers the bogeyman of liquids in luggage once and for all.

If the idea of soaking dirty clothes is not at all appealing, solid cosmetics add the advantage of space-saving. For the same use, the solid needs much less volume. The average duration is at least three times longer, but the solid takes up half the space.

Plastic bottles are a distant memory, solid cosmetics can do without the bulky containers that tend to take up all the space in a suitcase. Considering the number of uses away from home, many break up the packet to carry only the amount needed. Solid cosmetics can therefore also travel in a simple sheet of recyclable paper or cardboard.

Although the solid requires some care in its use, the advantage of the choice lies in its composition. The ingredients are summed up in an INCI that is much more skin-friendly, precisely because it is based on natural oils.

Solid hotel cosmetics in solid form

The benefits are manifold, even when travelling. It is no coincidence that Albogroup offers the Solid.O Original line in a formula specifically designed for typical needs away from home. The 15-gram Solid Bar is the proposed solution to accommodate routines in practicality.

The design of the packet, which allows it to be fractionated, makes it gain in volume. The line is designed to cover the main needs of the hotel guest: it ranges from energising shower gel to moisturising shampoo. There is also room for a shower gel and revitalising shampoo mix.

The Solid.O Original proposals include the fortifying conditioner and the ultra-gentle conditioning shampoo, solutions to suit all hair types. Make-up remover and intimate cleanser extend the range of solid hotel cosmetics.

Thinking of people and respecting the environment are the cornerstones of a range destined to change the rules in hotel amenities. Innovative processes and nature enter into synergy to offer a product that guarantees performance without sacrificing the pure biology of the ingredients. The solid offering is synonymous with quality, a calling card for a welcome that respects the guest even when travelling.

The versatility and efficacy of our solid cosmetics perfectly meet the needs of frequent travellers, offering a practical response to restrictions on liquids on aeroplanes and maximising space in suitcases. At the same time, our formula significantly reduces plastic and water consumption, reaffirming our commitment to a more sustainable future.

With natural ingredients and a concentrated formula, Albogroup’s solid cosmetics prove that it is possible to combine practicality, effectiveness and environmental friendliness without compromise. These products are designed to be not only environmentally friendly but also highly functional, providing users with a superior beauty experience wherever they are.