Solid cosmetics on the go: uncompromising convenience

Even in a suitcase, the alternative to traditional liquid soaps describes the future. Albogroup has believed in quality solid cosmetics for years; the contract production lines confirm this. In hotels but also for travel, solid cosmetics make the difference.

The travelling solid cosmetics revolution

You know, the suitcase is the last real stress before closing the door and leaving. That’s when the usual uncertainties about what cosmetics to take with you arise each time; if you are travelling by plane, it becomes even more complicated.

The solution comes from modern cosmetics: what used to be liquid is now transformed into solid so as to ensure greater convenience when travelling. The risk of opening the bottle of shower gel in the suitcase or the maniacal attention to the glass perfume bottle thus become memories of the past.

The strengths can be summed up in three key words: practicality, lightness and speed. The approach to solid cosmetics has no comparison with the use of classic liquid. Then there are the mini formats that allow you to carry just the solid product you need.

The weight of water becomes superfluous, the solid also means a gain in luggage weight, and the suitcase is ready sooner.

What to have in your beauty case? The must-have products for your skin

Skin products are not the same in every season: this is the detail that does not go unnoticed every time you pack your suitcase, even more so when your destination is on the other side of the world.

However, there are the essentials, those products that endure out of necessity in cold climates as well as in warmer ones. Travel soap, a shower gel, a toothbrush and toothpaste are the must-haves in every suitcase.

Then there are the facial care products and intimate cleanser; these are also essential as they must respond exactly to the characteristics of the skin. Sun and cold protection but also insect repellents are other products not to be forgotten.

However much you want to give something up, these are the essentials to pack. That’s why consider the solid alternative.

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Hair care on the go: solid and mini-sized products

The hair, like any other tissue in the body, needs proper care even when travelling. An effective approach in this direction must necessarily pass through proper cleansing of the hair: solid is able to respond perfectly to this need.

The absence of water makes it possible to obtain formulations free of aggressive preservatives. Then there is the delicacy of a natural formulation, the solid products are in fact obtained by processes that do not involve the use of SLS, SLES and parabens.

Solid cosmetics from Albogroup to take on the road

The beauty of this solution lies in their size. In addition to the sense of dosage, the Solid.O Original line starts with a search for balance in the ingredients. The result is a pleasant feel and increased hydration of the skin.

The compact size does the rest; the possibility of breaking the product into mini bars allows for more convenient use when travelling. As you know, solid storage must take place away from water so this allows you to use only the product you need.

The body shower and intimate cleanser are the articles that the brand dedicates to every type of need, even when travelling. Among the various solutions, the energising and revitalising ones are ideal for getting the right supply from the natural extracts they contain.

In addition to the women’s range, the Man line offers the solid alternative for body and hair as well as for shaving and beard care. Added to the variety of solutions is the green packaging of a product that truly respects the environment.

Solid shampoo and conditioner

Enrichments to an already natural formula include Shea butter, Argan oil, Olive oil and rice proteins. This is how the balance of simplicity underpins the lines that Albogroup dedicates to hair care.

The gentle solution with Argan oil and Panthenol is also particularly suitable for dry hair. The Solid.O Original range also includes the fortifying Solid Hair Conditioner with Linseed oil and Sweet Almond oil. Their advantage starts with practicality in the suitcase but is confirmed in the daily routine.

The solid cosmetics revolution represents a practical solution for travellers and an important step towards environmental sustainability. With the cosmetics lines it promotes, Albogroup shows how it is possible to combine quality, practicality and respect for the environment.

Due to their concentrated nature and lack of water, solid products significantly reduce the weight and space required in luggage, eliminating the risk of spills and damage to luggage. These products are an ideal choice for frequent travellers, offering a solution for daily personal care even on holiday.