Cosmetics with biodegradable, recyclable and zero waste packaging

The commitment is the concrete one of those who put 40 years of experience at the service of others, innovation in cosmetics also passes through the packaging revolution. This is the point of view according to us at Albogroup, manufacturers of hotel toiletries.

Biodegradable bottles and containers for cosmetics, what are they?

Preferring recyclable plastics is only the first step towards real respect for the environment. Greenwashing is finally being put aside, the cosmetics industry is actively engaged with policies of profound product renewal starting with packaging strategies. Here, technologies are meeting nature, allowing new uses of biodegradable materials. The green revolution has just begun.

After textiles, the chemical and cosmetics industries were among the most impactful on the environment in terms of packaging and packaging. The current landscape is actively working on different solutions, all starting with a radical change in outlook. Where detergents of the past were in liquid form, the solution lies in the shift to solid detergents. Here the plastic of bottles and containers can be transformed into recyclable or even better recycled cardboard packaging.

Ecological materials and bioplastics

The war on oil derivatives also passes through the reuse of natural raw materials. Here, research and innovations in the sector make an important contribution. The past of packaging in cosmetics involved the production of plastic containers with the associated CO2 pollution and environmental impact. Plant fibres provide the solution: in addition to replacing the carbon chains in plastic, their production from plants helps reduce the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air.

Green polyethylene is the link between plastic and its natural production, this is mostly obtained from the cultivation of sugar cane. It is therefore a by-product from other industrial supply chains. The effect is a recyclable product that requires no further resources other than the reuse of the waste material. Industry gets closer to nature and does so in a truly green way.

Ecological solutions to reduce waste

Everyone has a role to play in the active commitment to the environment, the change has to be radical and can only start with daily habits. The use of more sustainable packaging is necessary but not the only move. Therefore, ecology goes through six key steps: refill, reuse, returnable packaging, solid cosmetics, reduce disposable, ecological design.

Used bottles can be reused for the purchase of products on tap, that is what refills are all about. The alternative lies in reusing plastic containers for a variety of purposes. The returnable vacuum is a practice that draws on the past, very reminiscent of the old custom of selling milk door-to-door. The future, in this case, can only take its cue from the virtues of the past. Solid cosmetics are profoundly changed products from the old soap bars, their use paving the way for a new era of sustainable packaging. Reducing disposables means lowering the volume of waste, marine ecosystems can only thank you. Reducing unused volumes, that is what ecodesign is all about in sustainable design.

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A law to stop microplastics

There has been a marked change of pace since January 2020; since then, in many parts of the world banned the marketing of products containing microplastics. Although they are apparently harmless elements, the microgranules contained in several products still cause pollution of the seas. PE, PMMA, Nylon, PET and PP are some of the acronyms of substances with a major impact on the marine ecosystem.

The passage of legislation constituted a turning point for the entire cosmetics chain, the use of natural and biodegradable fibres allowed the replacement of harmful polymers with substances more easily sustainable by the environment. Even packaging had to adapt, becoming biodegradable and recyclable, to guarantee performance, but respecting the law and nature.

Cosmetic products without plastic packaging

Solid.O Original represents innovation in bathroom commodities; it is a clean breakthrough in functional quality. Albogroup believed and still believes in products in solid form to reduce the impact of production but also to optimise the use of packaging. The innovative cosmetic bars offer practically transportable solutions; hence the need for plastic for transport is lost as this can be replaced by simple recyclable paper.

The advantages already start with practicality. Using it does not require any special care, but transporting it is much more practical than classic liquid products. One example is in the freedom to carry it in hand luggage even when travelling by plane. Shampoos and shower lines for multiple needs, intimate cleansers, make-up removers and various other products are offered in the solid formula. This is how Albogroup has revolutionised the concept of low-impact packaging.

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