Solid cosmetics for the face, body and hair: what they are and why choose them

Low impact on the environment and respect for the natural balance of body and hair. These are some of the strengths behind a retro-flavoured choice. In fact, they are the products of the future: Albogroup is also this, with its line of solid cosmetics for hotels, also for customisation projects and for third-party productions.

How solid cosmetics are made

An untrained eye could confuse them with common solid soaps. The reality is quite different and narrates a revolution of products dedicated to beauty routines for body and hair. The texture is solid, but the composition is very different from common hand soaps.

Unlike traditional hand soap, solid shampoo and shower gel have a 100% soap-free sindet base, it is ultra-sensitive and suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, including that of babies, and has a neutral PH.

The result is a product that has the shape of a classic solid soap but which, in reality, is distinguished by a very special texture. A look at the ingredients of INCI can help in the distinction: solid cosmetics are based on oil and butter and the production follows special rules to enhance their cosmetics.

What are solid cosmetics? How are they used?

Solid cosmetics include products of several types. Those candidates set to revolutionise the field of cosmetics are essentially products for the body and hair. The usual presentation of liquid body wash and shampoo is reinterpreted in a solid format. Pleasant in shape but sometimes – to tell the truth – not very ergonomic, solid cosmetics can be applied by rubbing them directly on the body and damp hair.

It is not true that solid shampoos tend to leave the hair a little dry. In fact. If the product is of high quality, the solid shampoo leaves hair soft and silky. The Albogroup solid shampoo, for example, is a mixture of ingredients specifically designed to leave hair light and shiny, with a delicate fragrance and incredible cosmetic properties, so much so that it has become a much sought-after product even in Hotel Amenities, in mini size, divisible, to be immediately available for use in the shower and respecting nature because it is completely plastic-free and therefore highly eco-sustainable. The line of solid cosmetic products of Albogroup Solid. O Original is a virtuous example of how a truly eco-friendly cosmetic product can enter the daily use of millions of consumers and leave a positive mark.

For optimal use of the solid shampoo and body wash, it is advisable to work the solid soap under water and create a rich and soft foam between your hands to be used on the body and hair. For more unruly hair, it is possible to pair these products with specific solid conditioners.

Solid cosmetics introduce a small revolution in habits and are particularly popular in hotel settings, instead of the classic single-use bottles. The type does not only concern beauty routine products for the body and hair. The process is used to extend the solid line to detergent and make-up remover products but also to toothpastes and shaving creams. The prospects are expanding.

Why use solid cosmetics: advantages and properties

Solid products for body and hair cleansing make up the largest percentage in the volume of the most used hygiene cosmetics. If we consider that every plastic bottle is a potential danger to the health of the oceans, the introduction of solid cosmetics can represent a turning point in the green direction in the habits of individuals for the benefit of the Earth. Solid detergents can be marketed in easier packaging, using recycled paper or smaller containers.

Then there is the transport factor, traditional detergents involve the displacement of a large volume of liquids. The effect is greater expenditure in logistical terms with an impact on pollution and on global quality of life. Optimisation is the key to these products. Solid cosmetics are fully usable but above all they have a longer yield over time. The cleansing properties are the same as traditional soaps but the solid alternatives have a more respectful composition of the skin pH. The difference is felt starting from the hydration of the skin.
The water content in a solid cosmetic is much lower than that of a liquid cosmetic.

Think about how much it can contribute in terms of reducing water consumption if a large international hotel chain, with thousands of rooms and millions of guests, decided to use solid cosmetics instead of liquids. It would be a small but actual ecological revolution, also in terms of image. If you are thinking of introducing these innovative cosmetics into your hotel, you are on the right track. Contact us and we will develop your project.

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How to store solid cosmetics?

Conscious use is the first step towards optimal storage. Solid products for cleansing of the body and hair should be kept away from moisture until use so it is advisable to avoid over-wetting them. During the shower, the soap holder should be kept at an adequate distance from the flow of water in order to avoid excessive solubilisation of the product. Subsequently, ensuring optimal drying is an almost obligatory step so that the solid body remains intact on both sides.

In hotels it is much easier because Albogroup has designed a disposable solution to be used in the shower and used up completely. But for those who are most demanding in terms of respect and savings, Albogroup’s solid shampoo or body wash is also divisible to also provide 2 uses and to minimise wastage.

At home, storing the soap in an aerated container is a great way to ensure its cleaning properties are preserved. Natural containers are the ideal choice and wood would be the optimal solution as it guarantees completely natural breathability and preservation. Considering the oily and buttery composition, keeping solid detergents at a safe distance from direct lighting ensures that they resist the natural degradation phenomena and maintain their properties over time.

Solid cosmetics even in the Hotel?

The ecological revolution brought about by cosmetics in solid form, without plastic, without water waste and with packaging in simple recyclable paper, is also influencing the large hotel sector.
The need to use eco-sustainable cosmetic products in the courtesy lines for Hotels has now become an essential requirement. Albogroup, which has been producing cosmetics directly for over 40 years, has also taken up the challenge by launching an innovative line of solid cosmetics for hotels, solid shampoo, solid shower wash, solid body wash, solid intimate soap and soon also solid hair conditioner on the hotel amenities market. The Albogroup Solid.O Original line is a true eco-sustainable revolution that can be customised according to the particular needs of each customer.

Contact us for further information, if you would like to develop your personalised line of solid cosmetics for hotels or if you are looking for a direct manufacturer able to develop and manufacture your products. The service offered by Albogroup is comprehensive.