Changing the Beauty Routine: sustainable solid cosmetics

The future is in solid cosmetics. Albogroup is a company specialising in the production of hotel lines, putting its know-how at the service of brands aiming for a green change. Here are the reasons for the choice.

Introduction to solid cosmetics: benefits for the skin and the environment

The future is already today, the solid reality is the alternative that is increasingly becoming part of the daily routine. The aim is to take care of the skin with an eye to what will be.

A solid beauty routine introduces an increasingly respectful approach to the skin’s natural balance. A simple comparison is enough to put the concept into practice: sometimes a common liquid cleanser has a pH value further away from the physiological one, while the solid alternative works by respecting the skin’s natural acidity.

More respect means considering the balance of mankind but also that of the environment in which we live. Here, solid cosmetics drastically reduce the impact on water resources. In a world that is increasingly thirsty, a small gesture can make a real difference.

Towards a sustainable beauty routine: principles and conscious choices

It must be admitted that in the world of beauty, everything could turn out to be the opposite of everything. Yes, the real sustainable choice can be far more difficult than one might expect.

The key is in awareness because knowing the products means understanding their role in full. A more than reliable tool is the INCI, the ingredients really have a lot to say in this respect.

Rationalising resources and reducing the impact of plastics are key aspects without compromising on health. Solid production also has a high content of natural ingredients due to the low water content compared to a liquid cosmetic: consequently, it needs fewer preservatives.

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Reduced environmental impact: zero plastic and minimal emissions

The entire cosmetics industry is being called upon to admit its responsibility. Often, in fact, only the packaging of classic green products was green. The values that were so ostentatious turned out to be lacking in a truly green formulation.

The trend towards solid renewal points to a more sustainable future. A strategic element is the change of approach on packaging as liquid implies an inevitable use of plastic. It is estimated that only a fraction of packaging is reintroduced into the recycling path. What happens to the rest?

The oceans are the custodians of the tragic answer. Artificial islands of plastic are only the tangible aspect of pollution that enters the food chain via microplastics. Then there is the inevitable impact on transport; solid paves the way for packaging that is easy to handle and therefore also friendlier to the environment.

Albogroup’s solid cosmetics line for hotels and third parties

Often it is not intuition that makes the difference, time is the ingredient in a formulation that works. The beauty lies in having intuition beforehand; the future of Albogroup is rooted in over 40 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.

The target of the solid proposition is hotels but also contract manufacturing; this is not just a simple fact but the constant incentive to do more and better. Entrusting the product to a brand means not only aiming at effectiveness but also creating quality products.

This is where the products in the Solid.O Original range come from: not only shampoo conditioner but also solid shower gel can be accompanied by their practical courtesy kits. The future is yes change but it must aim for the best.

Efficiency and sustainability: longer life and zero waste

How many traditional bottles correspond to one solid shampoo packet? The answer may surprise you: the solid can cover the same washes as 2 or 3 bottles of the liquid product.

Respecting health and the environment can also be a winning strategy to reduce waste. Yes, solid has a far greater yield than liquid cosmetics. The secret is a pure question of volume: buying the solid means considering only the useful ingredients, depriving them of more than 55% water compared to a liquid.

Efficiency means saving and containing resources means supporting the environment; this is a commitment that is good for today but also for the future.

No Waste: towards a waste-free future in personal care

It may have occurred to you to think about that last drop of product in the bottle, just multiply it by the more than 150 billion packages and realise that even that small drop can make a difference.

The solid solves the problem at its root, releases the cosmetic from its packaging and frees up the use of every last gram. Simply moisten the product, rub it in and store it in a dry place immediately after use.

Changing your beauty routine is a simple yet valuable gesture; here is the future in solid cosmetics.

Our approach to solid cosmetics is not just a business choice, but a real commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We want to transform the daily beauty routine, making it not only more environmentally friendly but also more efficient and effective. Through our specialisation in the production of solid cosmetic lines for hotels and third parties, we demonstrate that it is possible to combine quality excellence with respect for the planet.