Cosmetic certifications: which are the most known?

In recent years, cosmetic companies are increasingly careful about the composition of the ingredients used to make their products. Many brands have decided to renew the formulation of cosmetics to provide customers with organic and eco-sustainable products that comply with the quality standards present on the national and international territory.

For example, Albogroup, thanks to the innovative production of solid cosmetics for hotels and retail, produces eco-sustainable cosmetics and amenities also third parties, so as to ensure the care of their hygiene with natural and ecological products even during a stay in the hotel.

The world of natural and organic cosmetics is very complex and constantly evolving.

While the agri-food sector has received an extension of the rules on organic products, the cosmetics sector refers to a few directives, including Law No. 713 of 1986, which unfortunately does not provide a real definition of natural cosmetics.

Who certifies organic cosmetics?

Which organizations deal with organic cosmetics?

This type of analysis is carried out by specialized private bodies that are interested in carefully checking the various aspects. By means of periodic structural checks and organic analyses of the raw materials, it is established which products conform to the words organic.

Customers who usually buy organic goods will not have missed the high presence of brands on the packaging of cosmetics. This is because the certification sector is very competitive and over the years many organizations have been born that evaluate and certify natural products.

Reading the labels is essential to ensure that the product to be added to the cart conforms to consumer preferences, but not all standards control companies have the same evaluation parameters.
Some certifications accept the presence of certain synthetic substances, such as perfumes or natural-identical vitamins, while others may be banned.

In this guide will be illustrated the main recognized brands related to organic and natural.


Founded about 10 years ago, the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture is an organization composed of citizens, producers and technicians who have decided to safeguard and protect nature with particular attention to animals and the health of consumers of organic products.

Aiab-branded cosmetics must be made from NO GMO raw materials; they must not be tested on animals, as European legislation requires.
In addition, cosmetic manufacturers wishing to put this certification on their packaging are obliged to use only substances that do not cause allergies or irritations in consumers.

This type of brand allows the use of perfumes and other synthetic substances in a very low percentage compared to the rest of the ingredients; moreover, there is no minimum threshold of organic ingredients, but it is essential that at least one appears in the INCI list.

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The Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is mainly responsible for verifying the quality of natural and organic products in Italy, but it is also a control body in Europe.

In all the territories in which it operates, this body guarantees a high quality of products, which are approved only after strict controls. It ensures that all the ingredients contained in the cosmetics are pure and compatible with the hydrolipidic film and that they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

In addition, companies certified by the body must only guarantee the presence of chemical and physical processes that generate biodegradable molecules and, therefore, allow the correct disposal of waste generated by the production chain.

Cosmos e Nature

Located in Brussels, Nature is a non-profit association, which monitors the standards of quality and integrity on the international territory regarding organic and natural cosmetics.
Ingredients are evaluated by an independent scientific team that decides which ingredients are suitable or not, determining the minimum percentage of natural ingredients to provide the brand to a product.

Cosmos is also a standard managed by a non-profit association based in Belgium, created with the aim of combining European legislation on organic cosmetics.
This brand is a guarantee for consumers who choose the quality of organic and natural cosmetics: currently, more than 32,000 products have been certified in 71 countries. Depending on the percentage of ingredients contained in cosmetics, companies can apply for the COSMOS ORGANIC label – or the COSMOS NATURAL certification.
In addition, there are more than 13,000 COSMOS CERTIFIED raw materials and more than 8,000 ingredients bearing the COSMOS APPROVED brand.

To obtain this label, it is necessary to respect innovative criteria that are positive for both the consumer and the environment. In addition, cosmetic manufacturers must include in the packaging the percentage of organic and natural ingredients present in the cosmetic. In particular, it is crucial that a company with COSMOS certification contains only 2% petrochemical derived ingredients. Organic products certified with this label may not use GMO products or endangered plants on European and international territory, but animal derivatives such as honey and milk are permitted.

With the Cosmos Natural certification, Albogroup produces its courtesy line Fell Good… every day!, a complete line of Hotel Amenties of Albogroup certified COSMOS NATURAL by ECO CERT. With high percentages of ingredients of Natural Origin and with ingredients of Organic Origin.

Feel good… every day! is the line of courtesy cosmetics for Hotel signed Albogroup that boasts the important COSMOS NATURAL Certification awarded to the line by the ECO CERT certification body.
On all products of the Feel good… every day! line, it is possible to apply the COSMOS NATURAL logo to guarantee consumer safety. Consumers thus have access to transparent information on the composition of natural and organic ingredients in products. The ECO CERT label is the benchmark that consumers trust for organic and eco-labelling. You can customize the line Feel good … every day! according to the needs of each customer.

Do you want to develop your COSMOS NATURAL certified private line?
Thanks to the COSMOS NATURAL certification obtained by Albogroup, you can develop your customized line with the style you prefer and you can insert your logo, choose the packaging, weight and material you prefer. You can thus have your private line of Hotel Amenities with ingredients of Natural Origin.

For example, do you have to produce soap and soap for hotels with the COSMOS NATURAL certification guarantee? Discover the complete line of soaps for Hotel in Albogroup available on request in all sizes, weights and packaging, with own logo or with own graphics.
With 99.97% of the total natural ingredients.
With 78.39% of the total organic ingredients.

The Green courtesy line of Albogroup is instead a complete line of COSMOS ORGANIC certified soaps, with high percentages of Organic Origin ingredients.


Ecocert is a control and certification body based in Europe. Born in France, it is present in more than 80 countries and is therefore considered one of the leading organizations worldwide. This organization verifies that food and cosmetic companies produce and distribute products in full compliance with the established quality standards.

To obtain certification, at least 95% of the ingredients in the cosmetic must be of natural origin and processed with processes allowed by Ecocert. 10% of the total ingredients of which the finished product is composed must be organic, while the remaining 5% is used for synthetic ingredients, which are carefully checked.


Founded in 2002 in France, Cosmebio is a specific association for cosmetic certification very attentive to information transparency for consumers.
Companies wishing to receive this label must comply with the parameters of the Ecocert control body.

In addition, depending on the percentage of organic ingredients present in the product, the brand provides three certifications: Bio, Nat Cosmos Natural and Bio Cosmos Organic.
In particular, for this association it is essential that cosmetics contain natural ingredients or of natural origin with a minimum percentage of 95% of the total and that 10% is composed of other ingredients.
Cosmetics with the Cosmebio brand cannot be present raw materials and preservatives subject to disputes in the health sector.
In addition, it is essential that the processing and production processes of companies that require the label are able to ensure respect for the environment and the consequent correct disposal of waste.

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Ecolabel Ue

Established in 1992, today the EU Ecolabel certifies the ecological quality according to Regulation (EC) No. 66/2010, which is valid in 28 European Union countries and in countries belonging to the European Economic Area, such as Norway and Iceland.
Ecolabel is an association of representatives of environmental organisations, independent bodies, industry and consumers.

Ecolabel certifies products and services that are able to guarantee high quality standards, generating a reduced environmental impact throughout the entire production cycle.
Companies are certified that consider fundamental elements such as the average life span of products and their reuse and that decide to produce packaging using recycled material.

This body calculates the CVDTox, acronym of Critical Dilution Volume, a useful parameter to evaluate the percentage of an ingredient in the cosmetic formulation, its toxicity and the rate of degradation in the environment.

Ecolabel provides its brand to all those interested in the production and distribution process in the health and safety of consumers.
In addition, to adhere to these restrictive standards, it is important that the company adheres to numerous ethical and social criteria.

GreenMood Albogroup is the certified line Ecolabel, available with Albogroup brand or customizable according to the particular requests of each customer or distributor.

Nordic Ecolabel

Similar to the Ecolabel certification is the Nordic Ecolabelling certification. The Nordic Ecolabelling eco-label has a stylised swan logo and sets strict environmental requirements at all relevant stages of a product’s life cycle. It establishes strict requirements for chemicals used in products, certifies and verifies that all requirements are met before a product is approved.


CCPB, acronym of the Consortium for the Control of Organic Products, is the first Italian certification body that has received an award from Natrue, an accredited body of cosmetic manufacturers based in Brussels. In addition, CCPB is recognised by the ISO 17065 standard and by ACCREDIA, the Italian accreditation body.

This consortium guarantees compliance with all the rules relating to organic farming and the production chain, verifying that companies do not use chemical products for the care of plants and controlling the way in which they are grown.

In addition to the agri-food sector, CCPB ensures that organic cosmetics are made according to the rules established for this type of production. In fact, to obtain this brand, companies must use at least 10% of organic natural materials and the ratio between these and conventional standard ingredients must be 95%. The rest of the composition may include summary elements, but the list is very restrictive.


Demeter is the association for the protection of bioenergy quality in Italy, which is responsible for controlling and certifying the supply chain of products made through biodynamic agriculture.
In 2012 this body set a very detailed standard for cosmetics, called Demeter/Biodynamic, which provides for very restrictive rules. Demeter is very appreciated by companies, so much so that it boasts 4,000 producers from 36 countries that rely on it.
The agency is responsible for checking annually that the quality standards are still valid within the farms, processing and distribution.

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