What is it and how to use the shower gel to better cleanse the skin?

Every day, we use products for body hygiene, without necessarily asking why we use one type on the hair, another on the body and another on the face. Still, we would not think to use a shampoo every day on the body.

The skin, in direct contact with these products, needs special care depending on the part of the body to be washed?
What is the difference between the formula of a shower gel and that of a shampoo?

The body is wrapped in almost 2 square meters of skin, representing 4 to 10 pounds in adults. It is not easy to take care of it: it is the largest organ of the entire human body and protects it from contamination and parasites. It consists of 3 layers that provide triple protection:

  • the epidermis, the outer layer in direct contact with the environment. At its top is the stratum corneum, consisting of dead cells that act as a shield against external organisms
  • the dermis, a little deeper, where there are nerves and sweat glands (which secrete sweat) and sebaceous (which secrete sebum)
  • the hypodermis, in the depth of the skin, where the root of hair and hair is implanted and where veins and arteries are also located.

In addition to a physical barrier, the skin has a shield to protect itself: the bacterial flora that develops there providing an essential balance for its good health.

An overly aggressive shower gel or shampoo could destroy this protection and open the doors to much less friendly parasites. Do not use soap is not the solution, since it is important to eliminate and renew sebum, a fatty substance produced by the body that forms a hydrolipidic film of protection and hydration, evacuated from the pores and dead cells. Without cleansing, the skin suffocates and the hydrolipidic film breaks.

Body wash: what is and how to use

Nowadays everyone realizes that it is necessary to eat healthy, but still very few people do this same reflection on the products they put on their body.

The body wash contains between 80 and 90% water and surfactants. The best are no exception to the rule: it is the basis of the formula. Classically, a shower gel is composed of water, surfactants and emulsifiers that are fundamental for foaming and washing.

To these are added the agents that give the texture, foam booster that make the product more or less abundant and persistent, chelating acting eliminating limestone, etc.

The body wash also contains moisturizing and moistening active ingredients, able to preserve the hydration of the skin damaged by washing, more or less pearly dyes to give the whole a colour captivating and fragrance, which is often the first allergenic ingredient because it is of petrochemical origin.

Finally, there are additives (such as plant extracts or oils to bring a touch of care) and, of course, preservatives, to protect the product from bacterial proliferation.

Clean without weighing it down

The body wash is practical and pleasant to apply. But, like any body care, it must be used correctly to give the best results.

If most dermatologists are in favor of regular skin exfoliation, other doctors warn of germs ready to settle on the skin in the warm and humid environment of the bathroom. The right, as always, is in the middle: a gentle daily wash and a more vigorous exfoliation once a week.

At the end of the shower, be sure to rinse thoroughly, to prevent traces of body wash from remaining in some areas of the body. Finally, the skin should not be rubbed but gently buffered and treated like that of a child, with love and sweetness.

Body wash : the future is solid

Body wash solids are a conceptual revolution. Love for the environment without sacrificing the technical performance of a high quality cosmetic product, with selected natural ingredients and organic origin and with delicate formulas suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive and intolerant.

With very low water content, they are manufactured with natural products and packaged in biodegradable and compostable packaging. Among the leading companies in Italy in their production, Albogroup stands out for the philosophy behind its products, intended for accommodation and hotel facilities. The flagship product called Solid. O Original, available in shower gel, shower shampoo or shampoo: it is a quality product, but also exclusive because it can be customized both in the formula of the ingredients and in the packaging, with the logo of the structure.
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SOLID cosmetics for SOLID. OR ORIGINAL hotels are even more sustainable with the new divisible version. Divide the Solid Bar and use it for 2 showers. Use only what you need!

The concept of shower gel and solid shampoo is becoming so important that Albogroup has also launched a line seats courtesy for children in solid format, with the appealing image of Beba Lena and her friends. It is a line immediately available and customizable according to customer requests.
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How to read the label of the shower gel

Cosmetics may contain ingredients that have a potential health impact. It is therefore interesting to know how to decipher the labels of the products we buy. But where to start?

In a label, the list of ingredients is written in descending order. The first of the list is, therefore, the compound present in greater quantity (often water). On the other hand, they are not given the exact amount to preserve the recipe from competition.

The number of ingredients varies. In general, it is better to prefer products with a limited number of components, because, if you use many different molecules, often it is because these have a certain toxicity and, therefore, a limited amount by regulations.

The names of the ingredients can be in Latin or English: the first ones indicate the plants and the water.
The names in English indicate the chemical transformation of a natural product such as the hydrogenation of a vegetable oil. Some are clearly names of chemical synthesis products (such as the famous sodium laureth sulfate or butylated hydroxyanisole). Such chemical synthesis is not necessarily a health risk criterio.

Finally, there are a number of acronyms indicating additives and preservatives.
Ultimately, there are over 2500 ingredients that can be used in cosmetics. Learning them all is impossible. To decipher labels, therefore, the best method is to proceed by exclusion:

  • number of ingredients
  • absence of controversial substances
  • container. The plastic components can, under certain conditions, migrate into the product

There are cosmetic lines for hotels that have important natural certifications and that offer an additional guarantee to the consumer, even in hotels. The line Feel good… Every day! of Albogroup, for example, now available as hotel soaps and soaps and soon also as a shower gel dispenser and shampoo, is a fine example of a product for hotels certified COSMOS NATURAL by Ecocert and with high percentages of ingredients of Natural Origin and with ingredients of Organic Origin.

If you are interested in developing for your specialized distribution of cosmetic products for hotels and retail a line of certified hotel amenities, Albogroup is the ideal partner because thanks to the COSMOS NATURAL certification obtained by Albogroup you can develop your private line with the style you prefer and you can insert your logo, choose the packaging, the grammage and the material you prefer and have your private line of Hotel Amenities with natural ingredients.

Apply the Body Wash on a sponge, but not only, also directly on the hands

The sponge, if not completely dried, can be a vehicle for bacteria, especially in a humid environment, such as the bathroom, which facilitates its circulation and proliferation.

For this reason, dermatologists are increasingly recommending the use of hands to distribute the shower gel on the body, applying a gentle massage, in order to penetrate the active ingredients.

The use of the hands has, moreover, a second advantage: a smaller quantity of product is necessary because the sponge absorbs a part of it, nullifying, with it, also the nutrients contained in the body wash.

How much body wash should I use?

Body wash does not need to be used in large quantities to wash effectively. It is essential, therefore, to use the right amount: just a nut. However, most products on the market today are paraben-free, have a neutral pH and consist of a biodegradable detergent base. Abuse is therefore useless, but harmless.

At the end of the shower use a super moisturizing body cream

After showering, often, you have a habit of quickly drying the skin with a towel, undermining the beauty of the skin. Because yes, even though body wash is very effective at erasing dead cells, it’s not when you get out of the shower. Weakened by heat and hard water, the skin needs a gentle drying.

Just as often, you tend to skip the hydration phase after showering, because you have no time or simply laziness. For the sake of the skin, on the contrary, you will have to dwell a little.

Rich in limestone, tap water weakens the epidermis and makes the skin more responsive and sensitive. To calm the irritation and tightness that can occur after showering, it is therefore essential to hydrate the body with a nourishing treatment. Albogroup always completes its collections of hotel amenities with proposals for moisturizing body creams of the highest quality, with delicate and refined fragrances and that are a real treat for the customer. On request in all lines of dispensers for hotels in Albogroup, from the smartest to the most refined, you can combine body cream and complete the welcome service.

Thanks to its production lines and its continuous research and development, Albogroup has also developed Soap in love, a line of vegetable soaps, shower gel, hand creams and body lotions of high quality and with a fresh and eye-catching style characterized by original and original fragrances. Soap in love is available in 8 exclusive scents:

  • olive & myrtle
  • strawberry & champagne
  • mango e papaya
  • raspberry & cinnamon
  • fig & rocket
  • melon & ginger
  • blackcurrant & vine leaves
  • violet & fennel

The Bathroom Shower SOAP IN LOVE! intense and original scents, in contact with water turns into a creamy and light foam that leaves the skin soft and delicately scented. Fragrances to be discovered in a real olfactory journey.