Body cream: how to use it and how to apply it correctly

Applying a cream to the skin every day has become for many an absolutely essential routine, because the skin not only needs hydration inside (which is achieved by drinking a lot of water), but also care outside.

What if the hotel where you stay could offer a personalized line of body creams, with exclusive fragrances and personalized logo? Albogroup, is a leading company in Italy in the production of cosmetic products for hotels and accommodation in general.

Body lotion: what is it

Its role is to neutralize the water scale but also to soften the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate better. How? Thanks to ultra-moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or vitamins. Some body lotions also contain antioxidant and revitalizing active ingredients for additional anti-aging protective action.

Body lotion allows you to dull the complexion or restore its natural radiance, adjust sebum, moisturize dry skin, lift mature skin or soothe sensitive skin.
It is a real cuddle for your skin, and in many hotels it is offered to customers directly in the courtesy set that is in the bathroom, along with shampoo and shower baths. Albogroup offers its customers and distributors specialized in the field of cosmetics for hotels complete lines of hotel amenities where you can always have the Body Lotion or Body Cream, available in both classic mini-sizes of 20 or 30 ml or even in convenient and ecological dispensers for hotels.

To give maximum quality and safety Albogroup prioritizes the use of body dye free creams, without the addition of artificial dyes. Our body creams have a soft, white texture, for a feeling of immediate hydration and skin care immediately after showering. No need to add artificial dyes that can remain on the skin.
A quality product that is pure sensory pleasure and beauty benefits.

Albogroup proposes this philosophy of Clean Beauty also for third party productions or for the personalized lines of hotel amenities that Albogroup produces for its customers and that can customize with natural or organic ingredients. If you are looking for a direct manufacturer of hotel amenities you can not turn to Albogroup if you develop your personal line of cosmetics for high quality hotels and at the right price.

Body Lotion: how to use and apply?

Every cell, tissue and organ needs water to function properly. The body, in fact, uses water to eliminate most of the toxins accumulated by the body and helps keep the organs healthy. Water, therefore, is an essential element for overall good health.
Applying body lotion at the right time is essential, to get all the benefits.

After the shower

It is the ideal time, because the skin has more moisture when it is wet or just dried.
The application of body lotion on wet skin increases, in fact, the effectiveness of the product, sealing the hydration. At the same time, it allows you to keep your skin supple and shiny.

After shaving

Shaving, in addition to eliminating unwanted hair, also removes the top layer of the skin. That is why it is very important to moisturize it, to prevent it from drying out, and soothe it from irritation of the razor.

Before going to bed

Finally, a good time to apply body cream is just before going to bed. During the night, the skin and body regenerate, so it is important to nourish them with the best food, a body lotion.
Studies indicate that the optimal time is between 22 and 23 hours, because the skin regenerates and repairs more during this time, but it is always a pleasure to give a cuddle to the skin, even in the morning immediately after the shower.

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How many times is it recommended to apply it?

Body Lotion has a very fluid texture and gives the skin a fresh look. According to the US National Eczema Association, moisturizing lotions are an important therapy for a wide range of dermatological conditions: products whose composition contains lipid molecules (also called ceramides) are particularly effective in restoring the protective function of the skin and give it a more comfortable feeling. For men and women with skin prone to dryness or rashes, body lotions play an important role in maintaining a healthy barrier. Products with ceramides are designed to replenish lipids that have been lost from the skin. Hydration is a daily and relaxing act of personal care. The minimum application is once a day, but the ideal is to apply lotion on the body twice: after showering and before going to bed, to relax after a busy day, making sure to massage hands and feet, where tension tends to accumulate.

For this reason many hotels also offer their guests body cream in the courtesy products available in the rooms. Many times, especially for those who travel a lot for work, finding in your hotel a complete courtesy set including body cream to use after a shower is an extra attention. If then the quality is that of Albogroup with its renowned and delicate scents, the gesture of applying body cream on the body becomes a real cuddle. Discover for example the exclusive fragrances of Albogroup that can customize and give character to your personalized line of hotel amenties.

Body cream in the hotel is not only for female customers. In fact, even the man greatly appreciates this product that he uses almost always when he finds it available in his hotel.
In general, it is good to use body cream daily, considering it a fundamental step of your beauty routine. And since body lotion is often combined with bath, the ideal time to apply it on the skin, according to dermatologists, is within three to five minutes after bathing or showering. In this way, moisture is trapped and the skin barrier that may have been disturbed by soap, shower gel and in general by the products used is restored. Obviously, regardless of whether you wash or not, body lotion can be used morning and evening or when you feel the skin pulling.

Naturally, skin hydration depends, and is greatly affected, on the inner skin. It is advisable, therefore:

  • consume a sufficient amount of water every day and avoid feeling thirsty
  • eating foods with moisturizing properties such as fish, flaxseed, nuts and fruits
  • replace alcohol and coffee with natural juices and smoothies.

Preparing the body before application

Many times we try to moisturize our skin deeply, but it is not enough. That’s why first a proper exfoliation is needed. What is it for? It removes dead cells and leaves the skin clean, healthy and ready to absorb the active ingredients of body lotion. In this way, you can preserve the velvety skin for a longer period of time with a small daily gesture that will avoid expensive additional body care. Exfoliation can be carried out on the body 1-2 times a week, always using products suitable for your skin.

Mistakes not to be made

Most people pay special attention to the care of their face, but neglect that of the body. The simplest of all steps of a basic body skin care routine is applying a body lotion 3-5 minutes after showering, for the best possible absorption. But how sure are you to apply it correctly? There are 3 common mistakes in body skin hydration:

1. Not applying enough

One should not be thrifty with its use. To completely moisturize the body skin, you should apply a generous amount of body cream, not forgetting any area of the body.

2. Do not apply to the whole body

Many people limit skin hydration only to the leg area. But, in fact, you should moisturize your whole body, not only after waxing, but every night after showering, just like you would with facial skin care.
For really smooth skin, it is recommended to use a scrub to remove dead skin cells from the surface before proceeding with the lotion.

3. Do not use the right product

In general, you should use a product that meets the needs of your skin. If you have acne-prone oily skin on your chest and back, you should prefer a light, non-greasy composition, while if you have dry skin, it is best to choose a rich moisturizer, oil or body butter. For a radiant effect on legs and hands, enrich your arsenal of beauty with a cream or body oil is ideal.

Soap in Love by Albogroup

With the retail line Soap in Love, already distributed in many stores in Italy, body cream becomes very fragrant, young, with a fresh and colorful image. Discover here the whole collection of body creams Soap n Love by Albogroup, to be coordinated with the very nice soaps, body wash and the brand new hand creams, always fresh and eye-catching. The Soap in love line by Albogroup, coordinated with soaps, shower gel and hand creams, is available in 8 exclusive fragrances:

  • strawberries and champagne
  • olives and myrtle
  • mango and papaya
  • raspberry and cinnamon
  • fig and arugula
  • melon and ginger
  • blackcurrant and vine leaves
  • violet and fennel

Albogroup offers its customers a personalization of fragrances, thanks to the know-how of its technicians and the professionalism of a specialized nose. It is possible, in fact, to create unique fragrances, using local, organic ingredients, to give customers an inimitable gift.

Of course, the packaging, labels, formats are also customizable, according to the needs of each customer or distributor. Albogroup is in fact a reliable partner in the design and implementation of important cosmetic projects for personalized hotels, both in the classic sizes in mini-sizes, in single-dose sachets, or in innovative wall dispensers, exclusive Albogroup design and customizable with special formulations and special ingredients. Not to mention the direct production of soaps and soaps for hotels where Albogroup is a leader thanks to its experience as a direct producer for more than 40 years. For example, discover the new COSMOS NATURAL certified soaps from Ecocert and contact us for more information if you want your customized line.

Ensuring a quality service to its customers in the hotel allows them to keep a beautiful memory of their stay and cause them to return periodically. Albogroup is the ideal partner to seal every new encounter, binding it to an indelible emotion.