When the crisis becomes an opportunity. This is the case of Albo Group. In fact, the Bergamo-based company accepted the challenge launched by the health emergency, reinventing itself. Even on solid foundations. Founded in 1977, the group, alongside the historic production of cosmetic products for hotels, with every type of pasta, size, weight and packaging, now supports a production for retail and large-scale distribution. But not only. Since, it has combined innovation with sustainability. And so, now, he is also involved in the beauty sector. A bet that translates into a whole series of collections ranging from soaps to solid cosmetics. All that respect the environment without neglecting the glam aspect. Each product, in fact, is studied in detail. There is something for all tastes: from “Pure White” to “Deep black”, passing through “Blue code”. Another trend deserves particular attention that has recently been gaining ground in the sector, that of solid cosmetics, rigorously plastic free. Shampoo and conditioner for hair in solid format without the use of plastic; solid shower-foam and shampoo-shower with exclusively natural and organic ingredients. “SOLID.O” is a new experience of conscious beauty that gives the gestures of the beauty routine the value of a sustainable choice for personal care and for a positive change for the planet. Equally trendy, the “Soap in love” series. A colorful collection consisting of vegetable dermo-soaps which, in contact with water, turn into a creamy and light foam that leaves the skin soft and delicately scented. And then, room fragrances. Floral notes that make the rooms elegant. Because, the ecological transition passes from attention to everyday details. And everyone can play the part of him.