The perfect hotel bathroom: what must it have?

Pampering the customer is essential; however, this is only the starting point. A designer bathroom, cosy and functional, but that is not all. Perfection is also achieved through the meticulous selection of in-room amenities. Albogroup puts its know-how at the service of high-end reception with solid hotel cosmetics. The brand only makes a difference if it is supported in the most effective way. Quality counts because it is made up of details.

Design: furniture and lighting

The customer wants to be pampered. The hotel room represents the place in which to seek rest, perhaps after a long journey, but also the preferred location for a sightseeing tour. Here the detail can make all the difference in the consideration of the service.

Modern or more classic, bathroom design must combine beauty and utility in the same place. The size of the shower or bathtub matters a lot; adequate space and comfortable shelves are equally important.

Of course lighting plays an essential role; light must be natural, but large mirrors are also very welcome. The guest seeks rest and must find everything he needs to take care of his appearance. Design that works must be comfortable; beauty must always accompany practicality.

Functional shower

Although a shower equipped with a column for chromotherapy may be a welcome addition, it is space that rewards the services offered by an accommodation facility. A small shower is by no means synonymous with a comfortable solution; this is where space planning comes into play.

The shower is functional when it is equipped with efficient temperature control, thermostatic valve control systems ensure a flow at the set temperature. This allows a more comfortable use of the shower, obviously requiring sufficient water pressure.

Functionality also means taking into account that the users of a hotel room are necessarily heterogeneous; spaces and every accessory must be designed in such a way that they can be used by everyone. This means that there must be appropriate consideration for the needs of guests with disabilities: detail matters, but above all it must be inclusive.

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Soft Bath Linen

Bathroom linen, along with bed linen, is the element that receives the most feed from customers in hotels. This is why it can only aim for perfection; the customer must be able to rely on the indispensable hygiene but above all on the use of high-quality supplies.

The grammage of towels is essential: hotel supplies should not fall below 400 g/sqm. Investing in quality means relying on products that last longer and better.

The feeling on the skin is important and this is where the type of sanitising treatment comes into play. Caring for the guest means wrapping him or her in soft but also pleasantly scented linen; this should be designed in accordance with the bathroom fragrances offered among the courtesy products in the room. Adding a bathrobe is a subtlety that is certainly welcome.

Personal care products

Design is important, shower and toiletries are essential, but the toiletries are the most direct way to meet the customer’s needs. It happens that you find yourself in a hotel room without your toothbrush, here the detail wins the positive feed.

Whether it is the shower cap, the comb or the classic toothpaste and toothbrush kit, the hotel offers solutions that are immediately useful. These are the perfect aid for those who have not brought them with them, but they must be of quality.

Ecological Solid Cosmetics and Water Saving as Courtesy Products

Classic liquid soaps are the traditional proposition; focusing on solid cosmetics means offering an alternative that combines practicality with innovation. The selection of ingredients is accompanied by a more eco-friendly concept.

The choice of solid alternative is synonymous with innovation, Albogroup offers the Solid.O Original line, which is based on different formats. The study of the geometry of the product also allows its practical fractional use. The impact on the environment gains, but also the budget for amenities.

A leader in the production of solid detergents, we offer extensive know-how based on decades of experience in the sector. Production line innovation and ingredient selection are the elements that enable us to offer a product with an advantageous quality/price ratio.

Considering the reduced impact of solid detergents on plastic pollution, solid lines contribute to strengthening the brand’s green footprint. Customising solid cosmetics lines is a choice that pampers the customer and helps the environment.

Albogroup is committed to redefining the art of hospitality, providing solutions that blend harmoniously with elegance, comfort and sustainability.

In the modern evolution of hospitality, we distinguish ourselves by offering solid cosmetics as a key element in the range of courtesy products offered. This innovative inclusion not only enhances the guest experience, but also moves with consideration and respect towards a more sustainable and responsible future. Through these products, we want to convey a proactive vision, centred on offering high-quality solutions that are both innovative and practical.