Intimate Cleanser in solid form: an eco-sustainable product for the personal care.

The Solid.O Original solid cosmetic line by Albogroup is enriched with a new and innovative product, the Solid Intimate Cleanser, now available in mini-size version for Hotels of 15 g.

It is a plastic-free Intimate Cleanser, suitable for daily intimate hygiene, ensuring protection and respect for intimate parts.

Its formula based on organic Chamomile and Calendula extracts guarantees freshness and protection in a natural way.

The intimate cleanser bar is also divisible to allow you to use only what you really need, without waste.

Albogroup’s Solid Intimate Cleanser is now available with the Solid.O Original brand and can also be customized according to the needs of each customer.

The beauty routine in Hotel becomes even more sustainable!

Now, more than ever, there is a need to adopt truly sustainable choices also in the hospitality and hotel sector. The choice to use innovative solid cosmetics, plastic free and eco-sustainable, is becoming more and more present in hotels around the world.
The Solid.O Original line by Albogroup meets this need.
Solid Body Wash
Solid Hair & Body Wash
Solid Shampoo
Solid Hair Conditioner
Solid Conditioning Shampoo
Solid Make up Remover
Solid Intimate Cleanser

A collection of innovative and eco-sustainable products:


Are you familiar with solid cosmetic products? Discover their characteristics and benefits for people and the environment.
Contact Albogroup if you want to develop your line of solid cosmetics for hotels or if you are looking for a highly specialized third-party manufacturer for the production of your line of solid cosmetics: shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner, intimate cleanser and much more.

What does a courtesy hotel line set include?

The lines of courtesy kits for guests are increasingly innovative and ecological. Up until now, hotel guests have always used small bottles but to safeguard the environment and to contain costs, the use of dispensers is becoming increasingly widespread.

Today there is a new idea that revolves around courtesy kits, which is to offer well-being and comfort to hotel guests through precious soaps, shampoos, shower and body creams. Generally, these are products of such high quality that many customers ask to be able to buy them even for use at home.

Welcoming in the best way possible is essential for any self-respecting hotel. A complimentary hotel line set may include:

  • body lotions
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • liquid or solid soap
  • shower gel
  • intimate cleanser

Obviously, the more products it includes, the more the guest’s satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Solid cosmetics for hotels

The hotel facilities that constantly strive to follow the trends of the moment are adapting to the new needs of respect and eco-sustainability, opting for shampoo and body wash in solid format. These are truly eco-friendly cosmetics that avoid the need for plastic containers for liquids.

This type of product is created with the sole use of natural and biological substances that are not harmful to the environment or even to humans.

Albogroup is one of the first companies that has believed in this important market trend and for many years it has been producing solid cosmetics for high quality hotels able to combine respect for the environment with the other performances of a truly innovative cosmetic product. Albogroup’s new solid shampoos or shower gels are even more sustainable because they are designed so that they can be divided and used for multiple showers, without waste. Shampoos, conditioners, body wash, intimate cleansing products and hand soap are available, all in a solid and ultra-delicate state using ingredients of natural and organic origin, such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Oatmeal, Olova Oil and Panthenol, to name just a few. Discover the line of Hotel Amenities Solid.O Original by Albogroup and request further information if you are looking to develop your own private and personalised solid line.

Sachets and mini-bottles for hotels

The courtesy kits contain products for personal hygiene both in sachets format and in mini-size bottles, with particular designs and unique materials.

These are small 100% recyclable plastic bottles with elegant packaging and in various fragrances, such as the Albogroup Amenities Design collection. These are 10 complete lines of customisable bottles, with an essential and modern design. Albogroup’s collections of Amenities Design hotel bottles have quality formulations with refined fragrances and ingredients and are fully customisable with labels or silkscreens according to the customer’s requirements.

Albogroup single-dose or Sachet sachets, contain all the products useful for the beauty routine in the hotel. They can be customised in many formats and weights. Albogroup provides a complete and personalised service, able to respond to every requirement, providing innovative product and packaging solutions. The Albogroup sachets are particularly suitable for liquid cosmetics, products for hygiene and the cleaning of hands and surfaces, shampoos, shower, wipes and for many more uses.

Shower and body creams for hotels

The beauty routine is very important and often, when travelling, it is not always possible to pack all the creams and cosmetic products that we normally use.

Fortunately, many hotels offer their guests complimentary kits that also include shower and body creams.

The Albogroup lines are of high quality and are produced with respect for the environment. The creams and body washes are designed to give well-being and comfort to anyone who uses them. But there is much more because for Albogroup the concept of Clean Beauty is a choice not just a trend. The concept of “clean beauty” focuses on the content, in particular, and on formulas that have been specifically developed to be effective and safe, endeavouring to eliminate anything that could harm the planet or our skin. A need for simplicity that is now also essential for hotel amenities. For this reason Albogroup prefers to offer its customers cosmetic products without added dyes that are as natural and as “clean” as possible. In fact,our Albogroup Amenities Hotel proposals include products with the following green claims:


Why are dispensers so important in hotels?

Dispensers are becoming increasingly popular and in demand in hotels because they are eco-sustainable and made of 100%recyclable or recycled plastic. They are the choice made by all the generation 4.0 hotels, without compromising on elegance and design.

In addition to attention to the environment, the new dispensers for hotels result in no wastage of the product but instead dosing the right quantity each time. A significant step forward compared to traditional mini-size bottles. The Albogroup Design Collection of wall-mounted dispensers is a clear example of this: original design products, designed and produced exclusively by Albogroup, with an innovative system for attachment to the wall, which can be customised as desired to make them an actual piece of furniture.

Which courtesy products can be customised?

Nowadays, hotels are increasingly attentive to the impact that their hospitality has on the guests they accommodate. In the past soap and cosmetic kits were not given too much importance. Today, however, it is considered an added value that reflects the image that the hotel seeks to convey to customers. Attention to small details is become increasingly important.

Today it is possible to have fully customised courtesy sets in hotels. Behind this customisation is the work of marketing and of researching distributors specialised in the sector that interface with hoteliers to understand what their particular needs are.

The colours, formats and logo are chosen with care and professionalism by marketing experts. The customisation service includes the choice of colours, packaging, packaging materials, fragrance and much more besides.

There can be various types of formulas. Usually, it is advisable to opt for products that are suitable for all types of skin or hair, or even for specific products for children, with delicate natural ingredients and appropriate for the most sensitive skin. The courtesy line for children is very popular with families in many hotels. An example is the courtesy line for children Albogroup Beba Lena & Friends , captivating and ironic, perfect for the most delicate skins. Available both in convenient coloured Sachets and in the innovative solid version.

An example to understand how customisable a courtesy line can be is that of personalised soaps. The disposable soap is available in many different weights so that each hotel can choose the one that best suits its customers.

The advantages of a personalised courtesy line

Having a personalised courtesy line means being able to communicate an image of class and elegance to your customers. The fragrances and colours of the packaging are chosen in line with the values that the hotel seeks to convey and are personalised with professionalism. Choose from mini-bottles, sachets or dispensers. The materials used are all eco-sustainable and the products are true high-end cosmetics for body and hair care.

We might ask ourselves what are the differences between a generic courtesy set and a personalised one. The personalised one is a custom-made product, designed specifically to communicate a “world” and a story. It has a much stronger evocative power of structure values than a generic set.

Discover the elegant collections of Albogroup Hotel Amenities.

What are the differences between a liquid and solid soap?

Packaging optimisation and quality care are the constants for the entire production of third-party soaps made in Albogroup, the company with over forty years of experience in the sector. A focus on requirements and green ideas are the key concepts that draw on the past to project to the future, even in the choice between liquid and solid formulation.

Which are better, liquid soaps or solid soaps?

Considering the routine for hygiene, the change is cyclical: liquid soap has revolutionised habits for at least a century but now the current trend is reversing towards the return to solid solution. Looking at the function of both, the verdict would be simple: a quality soap is comparable in both liquid and solid formulation. The sensation to the touch is different but certainly not the function, a good surfactant works well in both cases. Quality is at the heart of the matter.

In order to make a comparison between the two types of product, it is always good to consider the response of skin to the type of soap. The principle is as simple as it is archaic: the skin defends itself naturally while maintaining its slightly acidic pH, with values ranging from 4.7 to 5.75. Whether it is liquid or solid, a good soap does not upset that balance; the typical sensation of an overly basic soap is that of “pulling skin”. Which is better, solid or liquid? It’s just a matter of budget and needs.

The real advantages of classic soap

Although the trends point towards liquid soaps, the dear old soap is a solution that has told so much in the past and that has just as much to say in the future. It is good to mention its production: the solid detergent – yes, the product that is often found among the amenities on the plane or in hotels – is the result of the saponification of mostly vegetable fats with soda. Everything lies in the formulation of the production mixture, the choice of natural ingredients and ad hoc solutions that are used to create solid products that respect the pH and bring useful substances to the skin. This is how soaps for the face are created, those for sensitive skin, bactericidal cleansers for acne but also delicate ones for female and male intimate hygiene.

Then there is the packaging factor, soap doesn’t need plastic packaging. Reducing plastic production is one of the challenges to allowing the oceans to breathe again. Soaps definitely help to do this. They add practicality in everyday commutes but also convenience in suitcase transportation plus a bar of soap passes the security checks at the airport without any problems. The visual aspect and the other senses are also relevant factors. Design shapes and colours can combine with the fragrances of quality soaps, the packaging can range from classic and elegant style to real works of graphic art: the soap can stand the test of time because it is worth it. Discover, for example, the Albogroup Soap in Love line of soaps, a new line of plant-based skin soaps with innovative and smart fragrances, to be accompanied by traditional liquid body washes and body creams, all with new, fresh and stimulating fragrances.

What is the most natural soap?

This is INCI speaking in plain language. It must be stated that the consumer can trust any product if it is produced in accordance with the European regulations. The international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients is the instrument that protects both the user and the manufacturer regarding the authenticity of the product.

The soap in the liquid formulation, in fact, is the result of a mixture. Liquid soap requires the use of foaming agents and preservatives in order to avoid bacterial colonisation and to ensure the maintaining of unchanged functions over time. The trick for the inexperienced is as simple as it is effective: simply read the list of ingredients, the liquid solution will necessarily have a longer one.

How long does liquid soap last compared to solid soap?

Giving up the aqueous component in the formulation of a soap means, in fact, compressing its density while minimising its volume. By comparing cost prices and evaluating their practicality, the dear old soap demonstrates a clear superiority. Then there is the important aspect of use: liquid soap requires a dispenser that often delivers a greater quantity of product than is necessary: an almost unconscious action clearly reduces its duration in terms of availability. If we consider that hand washing takes place at least five times a day, the consumption of liquid soap is markedly more accentuated than that in the solid formulation.

How do you use a classic soap?

Versatility is the secret of its success, a soap is transported simply inside its container. Not surprisingly, travel solutions always include a solid soap. Correct use is essential to preserve its qualities over time. The product should be left to dry immediately after use. This prevents the possible nesting of bacterial colonies that could cause unpleasant odours and deterioration of the product.

Each soap has its own scope of use. The most common mistake is to use the common soap also in the shower. The common formulation is in fact suitable for the cleansing of hands and face; use for the shower requires a composition that is respectful of the application pH and of the necessary foam content. Proper use is the key to getting the most out of every product.

Do you want to help protect the environment?

It seems obvious, but have you thought about what it means for the environment to start using solid soaps and bars of soaps instead of liquid soaps? The first ingredient present in the INCI of a liquid soap is always the water that composes the majority of the product. You basically bottle and transport mostly water to wash your face and hands, and almost always in plastic containers. Never before has the need to contain water consumption become a vital necessity and the choice to adopt a solid detergent soap is a small-large contribution. In fact, the quantity of water present in a soap or solid soap is infinitely less than its liquid soap counterpart. In water the classic soap turns into a soft foam, without processes, and the active ingredients and natural ingredients present are immediately available. Behind the simple choice to reduce the consumption of liquid cosmetics and to adopt products in solid form there is a choice of real sustainability.

Soaps in the courtesy lines for Hotel

It is a classic of courtesy lines present in all hotels. The soap becomes a small work of graphic art that communicates a precise style and taste, coordinated with the lines of Hotel Amenities. We find it in multiple formats, with infinite colours and shapes, wrapped, boxed, pleated, with ecological wrappings and with an infinite number of possibilities in terms of enrichments and fragrances. If you are looking for an Italian manufacturer who is able to develop and produce your own line of hotel or retail soaps, you can contact Albogroup and discover all its customised soap and soap bar productions.

How much does it cost to produce a line of cosmetics for third parties?

Having experience in the sector means focusing on resources and optimising them according to the target. Producing single-dose sachets of cosmetics for hotels, for example, as the Albogroup does, requires a targeted study. Here are some considerations in this regard.

How to create a line of cosmetic products

Considering the catchment area of Albogroup, the launch strategies by the most important companies are the model to which it is appropriate to refer. A good idea is only the first step of a path, creating a solid business plan means taking into account the energy necessary for the production machine to enter full speed. Looking at the third-party production strategy, it is good to consider how start-up costs can be optimised as the time taken will allow you to better focus needs and strategies.

Considering the impact of each production step. Entrusting each phase to the same business partner can allow a good percentage margin of savings. Splitting tasks between different companies can instead lead to a deleterious fragmentation of energy: producing in this way increases risks and costs significantly more. Starting from the composition, it is good to make sure that your idea is actually achievable but above all that it is not related to something extremely similar but at the lowest cost.

Advantages in creating a custom cosmetics line

You could also talk about figures. Expressing the costs in thousands of Euro would not result in an estimate commensurate with the needs of the individual customer. It is perhaps more profitable to consider the advantages that the production would bring to your brand. Providing a valid service is part of experiential marketing strategies; the customer tests the validity of the product and contributes to nurturing its brand identity. Take the example of a hotel chain: offering amenities based on green compositions would steer the market in a well-defined direction.

At this point, you would need to ask yourself what advantages the creation of a branded cosmetic line might bring. In reality, cosmetic production is not a bed of roses but requires careful compliance with the health, legal and tax regulations. It is therefore essential to use a production partner who can bring their experience to bear on three hundred and sixty degrees of support. This is the strategy that works.

Procedure for creation

As mentioned, the starting point in cosmetics is always in the composition of the product. This must be valid but also attractive from the point of view of fragrances and appearance. You could devise an effective blend but, if you do not make it appealing, it may not bring compatible benefits to the market. After passing the steps in the field, testing and labelling, only then can the cosmetic product be considered ready for marketing strategies. This is what is meant by resource optimisation.

Creating graphics and logos

Brand identity, this is the starting and finishing point for every new cosmetic launch. Each new line is a renewal for the image of the company; it is therefore good to innovate but it is necessary not to distort. The challenge in the challenge lies in consolidating the conviction regarding the logo but adapting it to the characteristics of the new product. Here the role of specialists is essential. It is necessary to use companies who are able to translate the concept underlying the product into lines and colours. See, for example, the Albogroup Hotel Amenities Lines which have been studied starting from graphic and communication concepts suitable for the sophisticated world of hotels and which fully meet the need for visibility, recognition and functionality of these particular cosmetic products intended for use in hotels.

Creating labels and custom packaging

Considering the latest applications of EU regulations, the creation of labels and packaging are particularly delicate aspects. The future is headed in the direction of low environmental impact. This concept is certainly a good thing, but it involves a certain commitment in terms of budget. However, the return lies in the customised solution. Here the expense is in fact compensated by a gain in terms of image. When it comes to cosmetic products, the customer perceives quality even in these details. In the world of cosmetics for hotels, for example, the classic mini-size bottles are being increasingly replaced with the most innovative and environmentally friendly wall dispensers, including refillable ones, which Albogroup has designed and produced with an exclusive design. See for example Albogroup’s Italian Collection entirely developed with the new 400 ml Uranus Dispenser in recyclable PE with black pump dispenser.

Product photo shoots

The production of a valid line and attractive packaging requires an essential step: it must find a way to make room in the market. Getting to the customer means breaking down the famous 
“6-second barrier”, which is in fact the time needed to capture attention. Here you rely on the costs of communicative marketing. Focus on the contents and enhance them with an explanatory but at the same time intriguing image: everything is entrusted to a description and a shot. Using the best comes with costs but can offer a greater return.

Updating certifications

A cosmetic formulation cannot travel to the European market without the PIF. The Product Information File is an actual dossier that describes the product and certifies its safety for humans. Considering the EU directive 1223/2009, the launch of new cosmetic lines must therefore include the “challenge test” in order to indicate its resistance to storage and the “patch test” to demonstrate the safety of the product on the skin.

Changing the wording means updating the PIF and its documentation. Using a solid production partner is therefore the way forward to optimising costs and ensuring that the branded product is in line with current legislation. Choice makes all the difference.

Contact us if you would like further information about the design and construction of your cosmetic line for hotels or retail.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: what is it? Is it harmful?

Sodium laurylsophate (SLS) is a surfactant that has recently been in the spotlight. It can be found in body hygiene soaps. Knowing more about it is a good way to evaluate its actual impact on the body. Is it really that dangerous to health? Doing the research is the way to understand the subject. For Albogroup, which produces soap for third parties, safety is important.

Label and INCI: how to recognise substances

The potential effectiveness is one of the reasons that lead us towards the choice of a product. This is the case for any purpose but is also more true when buying a soap. A body wash also requires a good dose of foam and it is here that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate plays an important role. This compound is therefore not often found on the commercial label of classic detergents but can be obtained from the INCI located on the back.

In fact, the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients reports the wording Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): this substance is generally found at the top of the list. Already inclusion in the INCI is indicative of the use of any substance in doses that are not harmful to the body. Noticing the presence of a chemical should therefore not be frightening as the product is certified and labelled so that it can perform its function without causing damage. The INCI is a list of substances that does not show the percentage of each one. Compliance with the safety limits must therefore reassure the user. Labelling in the cosmetics and detergents industry is a guarantee, regardless of the chemical composition of the products. Knowing more about it is in any case useful.

Sodium laureth sulfate. Is it harmful?

Let’s start with a fundamental clarification: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are two different molecules. SLES is an ethoxylated derivative of SLS, often added to products that already contain SLS. Although the derivative is derived from petroleum compounds, its function can be viewed positively. SLS is a particularly aggressive detergent but, in admixture with SLES, the surfactant function is mitigated. Glancing through the biodictionary, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is indicated as a cosmetic ingredient, surfactant and is also approved in vegan preparations.

It goes without saying that even ordinary water could be dangerous if it were drunk in excessive quantities. The use of SLES in skin care products is not a particular source of risk for humans. It is obvious that the data available confirm its potential aggressive action on the skin, but it is necessary to be exposed to excessive doses to ensure that the substance can significantly attack the lipid film that covers the human skin. Considering what has been specified, the exclusive presence of SLS by virtue of a mitigating effect by SLES is more worrying.

SLS and SLES: what they are and what they are used for

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a naturally derived product and its origin is mainly plant-based as it is obtained from palm oil. Chemically it is classified as an anionic surfactant: it is identified as such because its negatively charged part has surfactant power. It thus consists of a long chain of carbon atoms and ends with a sulfonate group. If SLS is of completely natural origin, SLES is a relative of SLS called Sodium lauryl ether sulfate but also known as Sodium laureth sulfate. The molecule differs in its length, precisely by virtue of the addition of ethylene oxide molecules derived from petroleum.

The cost of SLS and SLES is actually very low, which is why the two ingredients are particularly used in the field of the soap industry. Recently brought to the attention of the general public through an actual negative media campaign, probably the result more of the logic of marketing than of scientific evidence, the two substances constitute salts with surfactant functions. Their function is to reduce the surface tension of the liquids present around dirt to wrap it inside a micelle that is washed away by water. In a nutshell, they are the reason why a soap can wash.

Where can we find them?

Given that SLS can be dangerous due to its aggressiveness – only if the detergent is used continuously – and given that the maximum risk can be associated with possible inflammation of the skin – but that no carcinogenic power has been demonstrated – it is good to recall a number of products in which Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is more likely to be found. It is obvious that, by virtue of the above, the SLS can be combined with the SLES in order to mitigate its aggressiveness towards the outermost layer of the skin.

High-foam detergents are the perfect products for use with SLS and SLES; the molecules ensure a large amount of foam while giving greater performance to the soap. Shampoos must avoid the presence of these substances as their effect could be harmful to the hair bulb and scalp, especially in the case of dry skin. Another category is dishwashing detergents; their presence guarantees a good foam content. The real virtue of SLS and SLES is in the right measure, which is why there is no need to be concerned about them.

Albogroup SLS-free soaps, soap bars and solid cosmetics

For more than 40 years we have specialised in the production of soaps, especially hotel soaps, with varying types of formulas, size, weight and packaging, both our own brand and for customised productions and on behalf of third parties. Albogroup’s classic soaps and soap bars are SLS-free: the quality of the product is very high, with selected raw materials, also including natural and organic ingredients. There are many types of soaps that are produced by Albogroup, both for hotels and for retail collections or on behalf of third parties:

  • Classic soaps and soap bars
  • Soaps and soap bars with ingredients of natural origin
  • Soaps and soap bars with organic ingredients
  • Soaps and soap bars with classic and delicate fragrances
  • Soaps and soap bars with strong and particular fragrances
  • Soaps and soap bars with natural colours
  • Soaps and soap bars with a high glycerine content
  • Soaps and soap bars with RSPO MB certified palm oil
  • EU Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabel, Cosmos Natural, Cosmos Organic certified soaps and soap bars

The same choice not to include SLS is also present in the Innovative Solid Cosmetics, which Albogroup produces under its own brand or in personalised productions and on behalf of third parties both for the world of hotel amenities and for that of the more selective distribution. Find out more about the world of Hotel Amenities in solid format and contact us for further information.

Argan Oil Shampoo: Beneficial properties for hair

The growing interest in Argan Oil is due to the multiple uses of this precious product of Mediterranean origin, now the basis of several cosmetics and characterised by a rich composition of active ingredients that for centuries have protected the skin and hair of Berber women.

Argan oil for cosmetic use is produced by compressing the cold seeds of argan and has known moisturising and emollient properties as well as the ability to fight free radicals.

It is a product that is much used in hair care, thanks to its exceptional natural qualities. It is precisely for this reason that there are numerous products on the market based on Argan Oil, especially shampoos and conditioners, but also body products. Let’s learn more about the thousand properties of this oil and how to use it properly in cleansing and hair care.

The best Argan Oil products for hair

If you want to truly exploit the intrinsic properties of Argan Oil, you should choose hair products that contain a good quantity of this oil, even better if it is from organic farming. You can easily skim read the label and notice if Argan is at the top of the ingredient list.

Argan is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics. It is a tree that is commonly found in the arid landscapes that characterise the south west of Morocco. Despite the scarcity of water in the subsoil, it is a very long-lived tree that can live for up to 150-200 years and can reach and exceed 10 meters in height. The fruit it produces is a green berry which contains a very hard-coated nut, in turn containing one to three almond-shaped seeds from which the famous Argan Oil is extracted.

For hair, Argan Oil is a true miracle of nature. In fact, it has a high nourishing and restorative action and offers restructuring and anti-ageing protection. It is an effective beauty treatment for all types of hair. Argan oil, thanks to its intrinsic properties, is very quickly absorbed and leaves hair feeling light and silky. It is not greasy, leaves no residue and gives extreme softness and shine. It also has a natural anti-frizz effect and leaves hair tamed and easy to comb through. It is a true elixir of beauty for hair.

For all of these properties, Argan Oil is also widely used in courtesy lines for hotels and proposed in many chains and hotels around the world. It is generally contained in elegant and particularly sophisticated packaging, characterised by the warm and intense colours of earth and gold. It is in fact compared by many to Desert Gold precisely for its incredible cosmetic properties. In the courtesy lines for hotels Argan is now a classic.

Albogroup has reinterpreted it in an elegant and sophisticated way in both formulas and packaging, which can always be customised with the graphics and characteristics indicated by each customer. The Argan Courtesy Line by Albogroup stands out for the quality of the contained organic Argan Oil and for its particular and highly sought-after fragrance, highly recognisable and sophisticated, that immediately recalls the lure of the East and its enchanting atmospheres. The olfactory notes include precious woods, citrus fruits, moss and patchouli.

Albogroup’s complete Argan line consists of traditional 30 ml mini-bottles, 300 and 400 ml dispensers, sachets and soaps. A complete collection that has become a true classic of perfumery and hotel amenities and that Albogroup also produces in a personalised version as well as on behalf of third parties. If you are a distributor and are looking to develop your own specific line of Argan Oil-based hotel cosmetics, why not use Albogroup to develop your line, starting from creative and innovative packaging and design proposals as well as considering customisations of formulas and fragrances.

Argan oil for hair: what it is used for and how to use it

Argan comes from Morocco, in particular from the Argania spinosa plant: among the Moroccan population the beauty properties of argan have been known for centuries, so much so that it is called “liquid gold” or “desert gold”.

To obtain a single litre requires a considerable quantity of seeds, which are often collected by hand and worked through a long process: it is therefore understandable why argan, in particular pure argan, cannot be sold at a low price.

This plant-based oil leaves hair radiant and visibly improves its overall health, helping to tame even curly and frizzy hair.

Argan oil is particularly effective as a hair restorative: it is more than just a moisturiser, as it protects hair from the stress of washing and styling, as well as from high temperatures. Rich in antioxidant properties, it is suitable for any type of scalp, including oily skin, as it has sebum-regulating properties.

It also protects against pollution and external factors, preventing hair from becoming brittle and opacifying and even helps to minimise dandruff. Argan oil can be used in pure formulation directly on the hair, but of course it can be found in many shampoos and beauty products, perhaps in combination with other active natural products that enhance its cosmetic properties.

Properties and Benefits of Argan Oil on Hair

In addition to the skin of the face and body, Argan oil can also be used on hair, on which it has a strong moisturising power due to its rich composition.

Hence the massive presence of Argan in numerous products dedicated to the care of the person, as well as its use in its pure form, as an actual real oil, even on the hair.

Argan oil contains linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, which bind vitamin E, phytosterols, polyphenols and antioxidants. All these ingredients, applied to the hair, moisturise it deeply and ensure the right level of humidity, leaving it softer and more supple.
In addition, argan helps in regulating hair, limiting the frizz effect, as it makes the hair fibres smoother while nourishing them, specifically through omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Anyone who has hair that has been damaged by too many treatments or by styling tongs and instruments should consider using argan oil in order to protect the fibres against future hair stress and against the heat of the hair dryer.
The same is true for any damage caused by sunlight, while the scalp also benefits from argan thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. In short, argan oil is a true cure-all for hair, so much so that its benefits are also surrounded by false myths, such as the one that it helps hair to grow. In reality, argan oil does not have the power to grow hair or reduce alopecia; however, it can still preserve brittle hair from breaking and make it grow healthily, reducing split ends.

How to Apply Argan Oil to Hair

Given the wide variety of Argan Oil shampoos on the market, you may decide to use one of them or alternatively pure Argan Oil directly on your hair.
The latter is a fairly common choice, especially for anyone seeking to maximise the biological properties of argan oil.

Pure argan oil can be used to create pre-shampoo masks and wraps that can be easily made at home. For example, just a few drops that you heat between your hands and apply along the entire lengths of damp hair: then simply leave in for half an hour to a couple of hours after which rinse the hair carefully, removing all the residues.
In hair masks, argan oil can be safely combined with other ingredients or oils for a strengthening effect, such as coconut oil.

How many times a day can I put argan oil on my hair?

Although it is a truly formidable natural ally for hair, it is important to use only the correct quantity of argan oil.

Don’t forget that it is still an oil which, especially if used in its purest form, can make hair greasy and weigh it down. Therefore, avoid putting argan oil on your hair several times a day, limiting its use to once or twice a week.

Instead, the daily use of specific shampoos and conditioners that contain Argan Oil and commonly found on the market is appropriate as they are specially formulated to be used every day. Such as, for example, Albogroup Argan Oil shampoo. Discover the collection of hotel dispensers from the Albogroup Argan line and contact us for further information or if you are interested in producing your own line of cosmetics.

Hotel courtesy line: how to choose the right ones?

Hotels are a place where people spend a lot of time, due to circumstances related to work or personal relaxation. For this reason, guests should see the hotel as a second home, a safe base where they can feel protected and pampered. A very simple and appreciated way to convey these feelings is to include a courtesy set in your hotel service.

What is and what does a courtesy hotel set contain?

This is the set of items present in the rooms, available to guests, provided by the hotel for their convenience. Usually, the complete set contains all the cosmetics and accessories for a complete beauty routine: hand and face soaps, liquid soap, hair shampoo, body wash, body creams, shower caps and other small personal care accessories. In the most prestigious hotels there are also more specific products, such as face make-up remover gels, facial toners, oral hygiene products, specific cosmetics for children, beard products, body scrub or hair conditioners.

Our company Albogroup has extensive experience in the production of personalised courtesy lines for hotels. Albogroup’s collections of Hotel Amenities are innovative projects of great appeal also in terms of style and communication. They respond perfectly to all the typical needs of the hotel cosmetics sector, with an all-Italian taste in design and style.

The courtesy sets for hotels offer many advantages, for example they represent an easy way to communicate to guests particular attention from the hotel structure and thus convey the brand or name of the hotel, but the hotels amenities are also useful and appreciated by the consumer because they allow them to reduce the number of items they themselves would be bringing from home. Finding everything you need in the facility is definitely a positive gesture, because it helps the customer to save time and money.
As a result, the hotel’s reputation will be enhanced. We are certainly aware that these are small actions, details in the complex world of hotel hospitality, but many times the details make the difference.

A properly designed courtesy set and cosmetic products for hotels designed and produced by an experienced company such as Albogroup that knows the product and the sector, facilitate the management of these services by hotel staff and ensure guests the best possible service.

Packaging and product presentation for your personalised courtesy line

The idea of a courtesy line is to provide a service for the benefit of guests and for the hotel owner and we at Albogroup have personalized hotel courtesy lines that can be provided to hotel guests. If you are a distributor in the sector and you are looking to create your own personalised line to be offered to your direct customers, Albogroup can provide all the creative, design and production support for a product of excellence, Made in Italy and at the right price. We are direct manufacturers and this means in-depth knowledge of the sector and a highly competitive product development capacity in terms of quantity, speed, price and service.

The lines can be a great way to provide personalised service to hotel guests. For this reason Albogroup, in particular, has specialised in the field of hotel cosmetics and aims to give a product and a service that stand out strongly from the others. Albogroup’s cosmetic lines for hotels are always small “masterpieces” of creativity, designed to be harmoniously inserted in all types and styles of bathrooms: they communicate first of all the Italianness of the company that for more than 40 years has been at the service of distributors in the hotel sector and of large hotel chains to provide this type of products. Even a simple mini-bottle of shampoo of 20 or 30 ml must always communicate a small emotion, be beautiful, harmonious and in its small way in any case narrate a story of beauty and elegance.

Do not underestimate the potential that a courtesy set can present for the hotel, because customers pay close attention to it. In fact, when the customer has the perception of particular attention also in these details of the hospitality, the overall judgement towards the accommodation facility will be even more positive and rewarding. They are small details, it is true, but a classy hotel should never underestimate that a good courtesy line must amaze customers precisely for the quality of the products: elegant, functional, sustainable, quality, characterised by a subtle, but particular fragrance, and delicate cosmetic formulas suitable for all skin and hair types.

The name of the hotel, its colours and its logo can be customised on the courtesy line thanks to the graphic development services at Albogroup. We are a scrupulous company and attentive to the quality of products, as well as to that of customisations. We know how important it is for guests to feel that the hotel is willing to go to great lengths for them.

To package the courtesy sets, you must first determine how you wish to present them in your hotel. Opting for a pouch, or direct presentation on the sink or on a special tray represents a choice to be made with criteria, with awareness of the final result: exhibiting the products in a certain way will be decisive for the appreciation of customers.

Functionality, immediacy and speed are the features that many of the services offered in a hotel should have, and this also applies to Hotel Amenities. The customer must be facilitated in finding the products immediately and in recognising them for their use. It may seem trivial, but cosmetic products for hotels in the mini-size of 20 or 30 ml are very small products and the customer should not need to make too much of an effort to read the label and distinguish a shampoo from a body wash or a body cream.

In many hotels it is preferred to make these cosmetic products available even in simple toilet bags to be hung on the wall, perhaps in ecological fabrics to be customised and that can then be brought home by the guest when their stay comes to an end.

For 40 years we have been careful to create unique cosmetic products for hotels that can satisfy even the most specific needs of each distributor or of each large hotel chain. We like to think that for every customer there is a suitable product or courtesy set, and for this reason our attention to quality is very high.
Our products are so high-performance and with such a sophisticated design that our collections can also be distributed in retail, especially for courtesy line products in dispensers, also suitable for domestic use.

Solid O hotel shampoo line. Original

Among the proposals of Hotel Amenities made by Albogroup is the innovative line of Solid. Or Original cosmetics, with registered trademark, and available to be customised according to the requests and needs of each customer.

In fact, even in the cosmetics sector intended for use in hotels or hospitality facilities, the needs of respect and care for the environment have become a categorical imperative. At stake is the credibility of the hotel and the quality of hotel services that must be as eco-sustainable as possible. A highly innovative solution is to use solid cosmetic products, without plastic, not in liquid form that require adequate packaging, but in solid form. The packaging will simply be a paper case or even just a simple wrapper. Albogroup has taken up this challenge that will increasingly involve the cosmetic world, even in the hotel sector.

Solid O is a line of shampoos, showers and hair conditioners consisting of ingredients of natural origin, including organic, in solid form. So no more plastic. A big step forward in technology and innovation, without sacrificing the performance of an actual cosmetic for body and hair care. The quality is very high, the result of years of research and experimentation directly at the manufacturing sites in Italy of Albogroup. The product is so innovative that Albogroup offers its wealth of experience also for third-party productions, not only for products for hotels, but also for retail, perfumery and large retailers. It will probably take a few more years before the use of solid cosmetics fully enters into the daily beauty routine of consumers, but we are on the right track and surely there is no going back. Placing these products in hotels was a choice of respect and participation in the commitment to make our planet ever cleaner.

Solid O is in fact appreciated by the most demanding travellers and customers who already know the sustainable world of solid cosmetics and who may already use them in their daily beauty routine, but it is increasingly the case that many customers who try these products for the first time during their hotel stay fall in love with them and continue to use them even at home.

You can discover the entire line of solid cosmetics for Albogroup Hotels here and do not hesitate to contact Albogroup for further information if you looking to develop a specific line of solid cosmetics or if you are seeking a reliable third-party manufacturer.

Quality liquid soap with Organic Argan

Albogroup’s proposals for cosmetics for hotels must also include the great classics of perfumery. Consider, for example, Argan Oil, known for its many benefits. The Albogroup Argan line is a complete proposal that includes shampoo, shower, body creams and soaps in many formats and weights as well as liquid soap. Liquid soap, produced with organic Argan Oil, is a great classic and is available either in classic 20 or 30 ml bottles or in innovative stand-up or wall dispensers that, in addition to being particularly beautiful, are also a decidedly more ecological and sustainable choice than the traditional mini-sizes.

If you are looking for an excellent quality organic Argan Oil liquid soap that helps you cleanse your skin, this item is for you. Albogroup Argan liquid soap is also designed for those with dry skin, because it has many moistursing properties. It is also produced with Organic Argan Oil.

Including it in the courtesy line of the hotel will make you stand out in the eyes of customers as a hotel that pays the utmost attention to the choice of its products.

Discover the entire Albogroup Argan line directly on our website and contact us for further information.

Solid cosmetics for the face, body and hair: what they are and why choose them

Low impact on the environment and respect for the natural balance of body and hair. These are some of the strengths behind a retro-flavoured choice. In fact, they are the products of the future: Albogroup is also this, with its line of solid cosmetics for hotels, also for customisation projects and for third-party productions.

How solid cosmetics are made

An untrained eye could confuse them with common solid soaps. The reality is quite different and narrates a revolution of products dedicated to beauty routines for body and hair. The texture is solid, but the composition is very different from common hand soaps.

Unlike traditional hand soap, solid shampoo and shower gel have a 100% soap-free sindet base, it is ultra-sensitive and suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, including that of babies, and has a neutral PH.

The result is a product that has the shape of a classic solid soap but which, in reality, is distinguished by a very special texture. A look at the ingredients of INCI can help in the distinction: solid cosmetics are based on oil and butter and the production follows special rules to enhance their cosmetics.

What are solid cosmetics? How are they used?

Solid cosmetics include products of several types. Those candidates set to revolutionise the field of cosmetics are essentially products for the body and hair. The usual presentation of liquid body wash and shampoo is reinterpreted in a solid format. Pleasant in shape but sometimes – to tell the truth – not very ergonomic, solid cosmetics can be applied by rubbing them directly on the body and damp hair.

It is not true that solid shampoos tend to leave the hair a little dry. In fact. If the product is of high quality, the solid shampoo leaves hair soft and silky. The Albogroup solid shampoo, for example, is a mixture of ingredients specifically designed to leave hair light and shiny, with a delicate fragrance and incredible cosmetic properties, so much so that it has become a much sought-after product even in Hotel Amenities, in mini size, divisible, to be immediately available for use in the shower and respecting nature because it is completely plastic-free and therefore highly eco-sustainable. The line of solid cosmetic products of Albogroup Solid. O Original is a virtuous example of how a truly eco-friendly cosmetic product can enter the daily use of millions of consumers and leave a positive mark.

For optimal use of the solid shampoo and body wash, it is advisable to work the solid soap under water and create a rich and soft foam between your hands to be used on the body and hair. For more unruly hair, it is possible to pair these products with specific solid conditioners.

Solid cosmetics introduce a small revolution in habits and are particularly popular in hotel settings, instead of the classic single-use bottles. The type does not only concern beauty routine products for the body and hair. The process is used to extend the solid line to detergent and make-up remover products but also to toothpastes and shaving creams. The prospects are expanding.

Why use solid cosmetics: advantages and properties

Solid products for body and hair cleansing make up the largest percentage in the volume of the most used hygiene cosmetics. If we consider that every plastic bottle is a potential danger to the health of the oceans, the introduction of solid cosmetics can represent a turning point in the green direction in the habits of individuals for the benefit of the Earth. Solid detergents can be marketed in easier packaging, using recycled paper or smaller containers.

Then there is the transport factor, traditional detergents involve the displacement of a large volume of liquids. The effect is greater expenditure in logistical terms with an impact on pollution and on global quality of life. Optimisation is the key to these products. Solid cosmetics are fully usable but above all they have a longer yield over time. The cleansing properties are the same as traditional soaps but the solid alternatives have a more respectful composition of the skin pH. The difference is felt starting from the hydration of the skin.
The water content in a solid cosmetic is much lower than that of a liquid cosmetic.

Think about how much it can contribute in terms of reducing water consumption if a large international hotel chain, with thousands of rooms and millions of guests, decided to use solid cosmetics instead of liquids. It would be a small but actual ecological revolution, also in terms of image. If you are thinking of introducing these innovative cosmetics into your hotel, you are on the right track. Contact us and we will develop your project.

How to store solid cosmetics?

Conscious use is the first step towards optimal storage. Solid products for cleansing of the body and hair should be kept away from moisture until use so it is advisable to avoid over-wetting them. During the shower, the soap holder should be kept at an adequate distance from the flow of water in order to avoid excessive solubilisation of the product. Subsequently, ensuring optimal drying is an almost obligatory step so that the solid body remains intact on both sides.

In hotels it is much easier because Albogroup has designed a disposable solution to be used in the shower and used up completely. But for those who are most demanding in terms of respect and savings, Albogroup’s solid shampoo or body wash is also divisible to also provide 2 uses and to minimise wastage.

At home, storing the soap in an aerated container is a great way to ensure its cleaning properties are preserved. Natural containers are the ideal choice and wood would be the optimal solution as it guarantees completely natural breathability and preservation. Considering the oily and buttery composition, keeping solid detergents at a safe distance from direct lighting ensures that they resist the natural degradation phenomena and maintain their properties over time.

Solid cosmetics even in the Hotel?

The ecological revolution brought about by cosmetics in solid form, without plastic, without water waste and with packaging in simple recyclable paper, is also influencing the large hotel sector.
The need to use eco-sustainable cosmetic products in the courtesy lines for Hotels has now become an essential requirement. Albogroup, which has been producing cosmetics directly for over 40 years, has also taken up the challenge by launching an innovative line of solid cosmetics for hotels, solid shampoo, solid shower wash, solid body wash, solid intimate soap and soon also solid hair conditioner on the hotel amenities market. The Albogroup Solid.O Original line is a true eco-sustainable revolution that can be customised according to the particular needs of each customer.

Contact us for further information, if you would like to develop your personalised line of solid cosmetics for hotels or if you are looking for a direct manufacturer able to develop and manufacture your products. The service offered by Albogroup is comprehensive.

Cosmetic certifications: which are the most known?

In recent years, cosmetic companies are increasingly careful about the composition of the ingredients used to make their products. Many brands have decided to renew the formulation of cosmetics to provide customers with organic and eco-sustainable products that comply with the quality standards present on the national and international territory.

For example, Albogroup, thanks to the innovative production of solid cosmetics for hotels and retail, produces eco-sustainable cosmetics and amenities also third parties, so as to ensure the care of their hygiene with natural and ecological products even during a stay in the hotel.

The world of natural and organic cosmetics is very complex and constantly evolving.

While the agri-food sector has received an extension of the rules on organic products, the cosmetics sector refers to a few directives, including Law No. 713 of 1986, which unfortunately does not provide a real definition of natural cosmetics.

Who certifies organic cosmetics?

Which organizations deal with organic cosmetics?

This type of analysis is carried out by specialized private bodies that are interested in carefully checking the various aspects. By means of periodic structural checks and organic analyses of the raw materials, it is established which products conform to the words organic.

Customers who usually buy organic goods will not have missed the high presence of brands on the packaging of cosmetics. This is because the certification sector is very competitive and over the years many organizations have been born that evaluate and certify natural products.

Reading the labels is essential to ensure that the product to be added to the cart conforms to consumer preferences, but not all standards control companies have the same evaluation parameters.
Some certifications accept the presence of certain synthetic substances, such as perfumes or natural-identical vitamins, while others may be banned.

In this guide will be illustrated the main recognized brands related to organic and natural.


Founded about 10 years ago, the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture is an organization composed of citizens, producers and technicians who have decided to safeguard and protect nature with particular attention to animals and the health of consumers of organic products.

Aiab-branded cosmetics must be made from NO GMO raw materials; they must not be tested on animals, as European legislation requires.
In addition, cosmetic manufacturers wishing to put this certification on their packaging are obliged to use only substances that do not cause allergies or irritations in consumers.

This type of brand allows the use of perfumes and other synthetic substances in a very low percentage compared to the rest of the ingredients; moreover, there is no minimum threshold of organic ingredients, but it is essential that at least one appears in the INCI list.


The Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is mainly responsible for verifying the quality of natural and organic products in Italy, but it is also a control body in Europe.

In all the territories in which it operates, this body guarantees a high quality of products, which are approved only after strict controls. It ensures that all the ingredients contained in the cosmetics are pure and compatible with the hydrolipidic film and that they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

In addition, companies certified by the body must only guarantee the presence of chemical and physical processes that generate biodegradable molecules and, therefore, allow the correct disposal of waste generated by the production chain.

Cosmos e Nature

Located in Brussels, Nature is a non-profit association, which monitors the standards of quality and integrity on the international territory regarding organic and natural cosmetics.
Ingredients are evaluated by an independent scientific team that decides which ingredients are suitable or not, determining the minimum percentage of natural ingredients to provide the brand to a product.

Cosmos is also a standard managed by a non-profit association based in Belgium, created with the aim of combining European legislation on organic cosmetics.
This brand is a guarantee for consumers who choose the quality of organic and natural cosmetics: currently, more than 32,000 products have been certified in 71 countries. Depending on the percentage of ingredients contained in cosmetics, companies can apply for the COSMOS ORGANIC label – or the COSMOS NATURAL certification.
In addition, there are more than 13,000 COSMOS CERTIFIED raw materials and more than 8,000 ingredients bearing the COSMOS APPROVED brand.

To obtain this label, it is necessary to respect innovative criteria that are positive for both the consumer and the environment. In addition, cosmetic manufacturers must include in the packaging the percentage of organic and natural ingredients present in the cosmetic. In particular, it is crucial that a company with COSMOS certification contains only 2% petrochemical derived ingredients. Organic products certified with this label may not use GMO products or endangered plants on European and international territory, but animal derivatives such as honey and milk are permitted.

With the Cosmos Natural certification, Albogroup produces its courtesy line Fell Good… every day!, a complete line of Hotel Amenties of Albogroup certified COSMOS NATURAL by ECO CERT. With high percentages of ingredients of Natural Origin and with ingredients of Organic Origin.

Feel good… every day! is the line of courtesy cosmetics for Hotel signed Albogroup that boasts the important COSMOS NATURAL Certification awarded to the line by the ECO CERT certification body.
On all products of the Feel good… every day! line, it is possible to apply the COSMOS NATURAL logo to guarantee consumer safety. Consumers thus have access to transparent information on the composition of natural and organic ingredients in products. The ECO CERT label is the benchmark that consumers trust for organic and eco-labelling. You can customize the line Feel good … every day! according to the needs of each customer.

Do you want to develop your COSMOS NATURAL certified private line?
Thanks to the COSMOS NATURAL certification obtained by Albogroup, you can develop your customized line with the style you prefer and you can insert your logo, choose the packaging, weight and material you prefer. You can thus have your private line of Hotel Amenities with ingredients of Natural Origin.

For example, do you have to produce soap and soap for hotels with the COSMOS NATURAL certification guarantee? Discover the complete line of soaps for Hotel in Albogroup available on request in all sizes, weights and packaging, with own logo or with own graphics.
With 99.97% of the total natural ingredients.
With 78.39% of the total organic ingredients.

The Green courtesy line of Albogroup is instead a complete line of COSMOS ORGANIC certified soaps, with high percentages of Organic Origin ingredients.


Ecocert is a control and certification body based in Europe. Born in France, it is present in more than 80 countries and is therefore considered one of the leading organizations worldwide. This organization verifies that food and cosmetic companies produce and distribute products in full compliance with the established quality standards.

To obtain certification, at least 95% of the ingredients in the cosmetic must be of natural origin and processed with processes allowed by Ecocert. 10% of the total ingredients of which the finished product is composed must be organic, while the remaining 5% is used for synthetic ingredients, which are carefully checked.


Founded in 2002 in France, Cosmebio is a specific association for cosmetic certification very attentive to information transparency for consumers.
Companies wishing to receive this label must comply with the parameters of the Ecocert control body.

In addition, depending on the percentage of organic ingredients present in the product, the brand provides three certifications: Bio, Nat Cosmos Natural and Bio Cosmos Organic.
In particular, for this association it is essential that cosmetics contain natural ingredients or of natural origin with a minimum percentage of 95% of the total and that 10% is composed of other ingredients.
Cosmetics with the Cosmebio brand cannot be present raw materials and preservatives subject to disputes in the health sector.
In addition, it is essential that the processing and production processes of companies that require the label are able to ensure respect for the environment and the consequent correct disposal of waste.

Ecolabel Ue

Established in 1992, today the EU Ecolabel certifies the ecological quality according to Regulation (EC) No. 66/2010, which is valid in 28 European Union countries and in countries belonging to the European Economic Area, such as Norway and Iceland.
Ecolabel is an association of representatives of environmental organisations, independent bodies, industry and consumers.

Ecolabel certifies products and services that are able to guarantee high quality standards, generating a reduced environmental impact throughout the entire production cycle.
Companies are certified that consider fundamental elements such as the average life span of products and their reuse and that decide to produce packaging using recycled material.

This body calculates the CVDTox, acronym of Critical Dilution Volume, a useful parameter to evaluate the percentage of an ingredient in the cosmetic formulation, its toxicity and the rate of degradation in the environment.

Ecolabel provides its brand to all those interested in the production and distribution process in the health and safety of consumers.
In addition, to adhere to these restrictive standards, it is important that the company adheres to numerous ethical and social criteria.

GreenMood Albogroup is the certified line Ecolabel, available with Albogroup brand or customizable according to the particular requests of each customer or distributor.

Nordic Ecolabel

Similar to the Ecolabel certification is the Nordic Ecolabelling certification. The Nordic Ecolabelling eco-label has a stylised swan logo and sets strict environmental requirements at all relevant stages of a product’s life cycle. It establishes strict requirements for chemicals used in products, certifies and verifies that all requirements are met before a product is approved.


CCPB, acronym of the Consortium for the Control of Organic Products, is the first Italian certification body that has received an award from Natrue, an accredited body of cosmetic manufacturers based in Brussels. In addition, CCPB is recognised by the ISO 17065 standard and by ACCREDIA, the Italian accreditation body.

This consortium guarantees compliance with all the rules relating to organic farming and the production chain, verifying that companies do not use chemical products for the care of plants and controlling the way in which they are grown.

In addition to the agri-food sector, CCPB ensures that organic cosmetics are made according to the rules established for this type of production. In fact, to obtain this brand, companies must use at least 10% of organic natural materials and the ratio between these and conventional standard ingredients must be 95%. The rest of the composition may include summary elements, but the list is very restrictive.


Demeter is the association for the protection of bioenergy quality in Italy, which is responsible for controlling and certifying the supply chain of products made through biodynamic agriculture.
In 2012 this body set a very detailed standard for cosmetics, called Demeter/Biodynamic, which provides for very restrictive rules. Demeter is very appreciated by companies, so much so that it boasts 4,000 producers from 36 countries that rely on it.
The agency is responsible for checking annually that the quality standards are still valid within the farms, processing and distribution.

Contact Albogroup, for more information on Hotel Amenties certified lines or to design and produce your own custom line.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable hotels

What is an eco hotel?

Sustainability and energy saving. Concepts that have become part of our daily lives and that we find in many areas. Nowadays many tourist facilities invest their capital transforming. A transformation that cannot have as its sole purpose the guarantee of an efficient service to the customer, but that must take into account how to satisfy the needs of the present without affecting those of future generations.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable hotels for the protection of the environment must exploit resources respecting the surrounding area and those who live within it. The attention of the accommodation facilities can not only be directed to ecological energy sources, but also to the reduced use of plastic and harmful substances.

To significantly break down the use of plastic in reception and wellness services, such as, for example, the courtesy cosmetics found in the bathrooms of all hotels, a choice of great innovation and modernity is the exclusive use of solid cosmetics: body wash and solid shampoos that do not require the use of plastic and for this reason are perfectly sustainable; with a great saving of water, transport and energy costs. Albogroup solid cosmetics for hotels are an example.

Ecological and quality body care products

Without plastic and without the use of water, the solid cosmetics produced by Albogroup are suitable for tourist facilities that have chosen a green path. For example, Albogroup’s solid Hotel Amenities are small bars that can be divided into 2 to be even more environmentally friendly: if you don’t need everything, divide it and use only half; the other half can be used later or take it home.

Designed for children, the Hotel Amenities Beba Lena & Friends line is produced using organic ingredients and without allergens. Albogroup is aware that the culture of respect for the environment can begin as a child. For this reason solid-format shower gel for children is innovative and does not pollute the environment.

For hotels that prefer to keep classic cosmetics in liquid format for their Hotel Amenities, Albogroup offers innovative solutions in Dispenser. Uranus and Neptune dispensers are the ultimate in sustainability and the least waste. In the world of Hotel Amenities dispensers are now one of the most environmentally friendly solutions. Compared to traditional mini-sizes, dispensers are a sustainable choice because they have less volume, less cost, require less transport, produce less plastic and require less time and energy for disposal. In addition, all Albogroup dispensers are 100% recyclable.

With these dispensers Albogroup has created exclusive collections; just think of the Italian Collection with particular fragrances, linked to the Italian territory.

Install low flow showers

Taking a hot shower is one of the most relaxing actions of the day. However, few people are aware of how much water is consumed. Just to do an experiment you can put a bucket under the shower head and calculate how much will be dispensed. For a shower of only 5 minutes will be wasted about 80 liters.

Many hotels that support an eco-friendly policy have installed low-flow showers. Designed with the dimensional control of drops and aerators that add air to the flow, this type of shower allows considerable savings, with a water expenditure of about 7 liters per minute.

What does a hotel need to be sustainable?

An eco-friendly hotel must pay particular attention to the recycling of waste and must ensure the right amount of food without waste, encouraging the organic menu and the purchase of products at Km 0. Dynamics that can significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, the use of fuels for transport and storage.

The presence of plants and gardens allows the absorption of CO2, purifying the air inside the buildings. Very important is to provide customers with green spaces where you can enjoy sports equipment. Tennis courts, five-a-side football pitches, interspersed with relaxation areas, can transform ecological hotels into cool and fashionable structures, suitable for theme nights and meetings.

Indicate more green means of transport to reach the hotel, or if necessary offer a transfer on electric vehicles, is a must for any hotel accommodation. Training of staff is essential. Educating employees to follow company directives is one of the most important tools to ensure the application of the guidelines set by any hotel that wants to make the attention to waste its communicative weapon.

What are the most eco-friendly hotels in Italy?

It was one of the first ecological hotels in Milan. Boasting 143 rooms with a contemporary design, E.c.ho supports eco-friendly hospitality while respecting the surrounding area.

The beds consist of ecological mattresses with sheets and linen in natural fibers. The lobby is furnished with tables made of FSC certified cedar logs. Eco-label fabrics cover chairs and puffs, while gigantographs of woods and vegetable gardens hang on the walls, thus creating a very relaxing landscape effect.

Characterized by stone and wood pillars and reduced visual impact, this accommodation in Gargnano has been built inspired by the lemon houses. The design of the Lefay Resort & Spa recalls the typical buildings used for the cultivation of lemons on Lake Garda.

Its beating heart is a power plant that produces electricity, heat and cooling through clean energy such as biomass, ensuring a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Toilets and taps can reduce water consumption by 50% compared to a normal plant, while glass bottles are used to limit the use of plastic.

The Vigilius Mountain Resort is a place to live in harmony with nature. Located in the municipality of Lana, this resort was built using glass and wood. Many compare its shape to a stretched tree trunk. Others remember the shell of a snail, but for everyone it is an island in the mountains where you can enjoy life without any kind of noise.

Considered as a true kingdom of water, the numerous springs that flow from Mount San Vigilio, at 1700 meters above sea level, can be used in various ways. From mineral water with high digestibility to that destined for therapeutic uses in the beautiful spa.

Surrounded by 7 hectares of Mediterranean scrub, Sardinna Antiga is the first sustainable village in Sardinia. This eco-friendly hotel will surprise its guests with the originality of its houses that are inspired by the ancient nuragic huts of the island, creating a perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Inside it is allowed the use of mobile phones and PCs only in homes. Guests will find fair and abundant breakfasts, with organic products at Km 0. Special attention is paid to vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.

What are the most sustainable hotels in the world?

Located near the town of Bode, Sweden, this eco-friendly hotel offers 5 rooms suspended on birch trees. The Treehotel has been built using environmentally friendly materials. Its interiors are modern and equipped with every comfort. In addition, each room includes toilets, except for showers that are located in an adjacent building.

The kitchen staff serves game, game and local products, with the possibility of eating lunch over the trees. Many summer and winter activities include: ice fishing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

They have the shape of a large white dome and are located in Switzerland. The accommodation facilities of the Whitepod eco-luxury Hotel have been built away from city traffic and combine ecology and well-being. Perfect for those who want to unwind and immerse themselves in unspoilt nature.

The goal is to show that hospitality and respect for the environment can blend. The electricity is produced by turbines powered by the water that flows from the mountain, while the motorized transport for the structure is limited to the bare essentials.

Located in a clearing on La Flor Mountain, between Alicante and Valencia, Casa Tarsan Eco Lodge is an eco refuge that can offer a type of eco-friendly stay. This accommodation is surrounded by nature and offers its guests a regenerating stay through yin yoga and mountain biking.

This eco-friendly hotel offers a plant-based menu based on Km 0 and organic products. The rooms, built with all comforts, are equipped with internet access and private bathrooms.

Ecology and quality of raw materials

The production of cosmetics for hotels, especially if they must be sustainable, requires a particular passion and a lot of experience because it is necessary to combine modern and efficient production processes, research and development, cost reduction, high productivity, innovative style and design and safe and performing cosmetic formulas, from the smartest and simplest to the most premium, according to the demands of each hotel.

For this reason, Albogroup prefers to produce and offer its customers, including third parties, cosmetics for hotels without added dyes.

It is not an exclusive choice, of course, but for Albogroup the “Clean Cosmetics”, without addition of dyes, is not only a great trend, but is first of all a style. For Albogroup the concept of “clean beauty” consists in focusing mainly on the content, on formulas specifically designed to be effective and safe, trying to eliminate everything that could hurt the planet and our skin. A need for essentiality that is now fundamental also for cosmetics to be proposed in hotels.

Contact Albogroup if you need to develop a sustainable cosmetics project for Hotel. You will find a working team that will allow you to better realize your project and your productions.